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  1. T&Cs state it is only open to Americans. Sorry, Canada.
  2. One could argue to Matt, the more they throw in those rarities, the better a response they'll receive (potentially). If they never play them, then the average gig-goer is likely never going to hear them, and thus, not going to respond to them. I suppose one show every few years probably won't make a difference, though.
  3. I think if they did something daring, like release Reapers or The Handler in Canada/US, they would pull in more fans, from a wider musical taste. They might get a better response from the older, heavier songs then.
  4. That's exactly what I was just saying to Tahnee. It's understandable that people get frustrated, but I imagine it will just make Bellamy more distant and even less inclined to play the songs.
  5. Spittle


    Down with tax avoidance and big corporations... oh, wait.
  6. I think the average fan probably goes to one concert every tour/every other tour, so they don't obsess over the setlist like us fools here. I'd love to see them give Animals a beefier outro, extended, new riffs etc.
  7. We all know the kind of cake you are offering
  8. When I queued at the O2 in 2009, it was quite organised. We started off outside, and were then moved inside by security to another part, and then moved again to another, if I remember correctly.
  9. Back to business as usual next year then?
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