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  1. Random Concert Memories (or stuff from recent shows within the past couple of months):
  2. See you guys tomorrow. I don't want to sound like too much of a dick, but maybe you should be grateful that you're even going and that your friend bought the tickets for you? Food for thought.
  3. It would pretty much mean a small/intimate venue show. Most likely announced the day prior or on the day of since it'd be a surprise performance. Like how they performed for Myspace at SXSW at the same place back in 2010.
  4. Ok, so, I'm inclined to believe Muse are playing at Stubb's in Austin during SXSW this Thursday sometime during the day. Going off of this: https://twitter.com/Andylanger/status/310968072901103616 + This (a concert featuring Pat Green being thrown for the Final Four Concert Series, where Muse is performing in April. I feel positive this is where they'll be at on Thursday): http://1iota.com/show/view/Road_to_the_Final_Four_Concert_Series_presented_by_Coke_Zero + Dead Sara being in town/playing a showcase that day (can't find the website for the party they're playing currently, but they are playing a showcase/party/event that day) + Muse having the day off and already being in TX during the week. As well as playing at Stubb's during SXSW in years past of course. Grain of salt and can be a stretch though. We'll see what happens.
  5. Peep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEHAlW4OnQ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VhciYFKdk8
  6. Congratulations, you couldn't be any more wrong if you tried.
  7. So yeah, I'm pretty damn proud to finally release it. It's called Zealots. Worked on this for much of the latter half of last year. It's weird, loud, somewhat abrasive + explosive at points, and cool. It's also available for free and pay editions. Hope you guys 'n gals listen to it and like it. Reg/Free: http://theshyretirer.bandcamp.com/album/zealots 1. Charred Ashes 2. Brash 3. Enemies of the State 4. Lurkers 5. Waste Alive 6. Nomads 7. Spiral of Silence 8. Letter Two 9. Set Sail 10. Madness (I promise this isn't a cover, I swear) Deluxe ($5): http://theshyretirer.bandcamp.com/album/zealots-deluxe-edition 1. Charred Ashes 2. Brash 3. Enemies of the State 4. Lurkers 5. Waste Alive 6. Nomads 7. Spiral of Silence 8. Letter Two 9. Set Sail 10. Madness 11. Tensions 12. All the Other Kids 13. Always 14. The Crescent Moon
  8. Rad, got my tickets this morning. Houston & Dallas back to back shall be great.
  9. Thanks. Majority of the shots were at Fun Fun Fun Fest (held at Auditorium Shores in Austin) while a couple were at some indoor venues in the city. Awesome shots as well on your end. Really like the composition of them.
  10. Greetings everyone. Think this is my first time posting in this section. Worked on these two songs during the last couple of weeks to a month. Pretty proud of them. They're called Sunrise and Rose. Hope you all listen to them and end up liking them. http://theshyretirer.bandcamp.com/album/sunrise-rose
  11. My guess going off of venue websites: 03.11 or 03.14 - San Antonio 03.12 - Houston 03.13 or 03.14 - Dallas or Fort Worth 03.14 or 03.15 - Austin SXSW show. Depending on where you go to school in TX, all of the TX dates should be during Spring Break.
  12. First Texas date ya'll. http://muse.mu/news,additional-2013-north-american-tour-dates_1447.htm?f=home
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