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    Showbiz (Japan CD, US 12")
    Random 1-8 (Japan CD)
    Origin of Symmetry (Japan CD, US 12")
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack (Japan CD, Euro DVD)
    Absolution (Australian Tour Edition, US 12")
    Absolution Tour (US BH&R DVD)
    Black Holes & Revelations (Japan CD/DVD, US 12")
    HAARP (Limited Edition Box)
    The Resistance (5.1 Box Set)
    The 2nd Law (Box Set)

    Hyper Music (Japan Box Set)
    Dead Star/In Your World (Japan CD)
    Time is Running Out (CD)
    Hysteria (CD, 7")
    Sing for Absolution (Dutch Box Set, CD)
    Butterflies & Hurricanes (CD/DVD, 7")
    Supermassive Black Hole (CD/DVD, 7")
    Starlight (CD/DVD, 7")
    Knights of Cydonia (CD/DVD, 7")
    Invincible (CD/DVD, 7")
    Uprising (CD, 7")
    Resistance (CD, 7")
    Exogenesis Symphony (12")
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    2/5/04 - Indio, CA - Coachella
    11/8/04 - Detroit, MI - Curiosa Festival
    12/11/04 - Detroit, MI - Clutch Cargo's
    23/4/05 - East Lansing, MI - Breslin Center
    28/7/06 - Detroit, MI - State Theatre
    2/8/07 - Sterling Heights, MI - Freedom Hill Amphitheatre
    13/3/10 - Detroit, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills
    2/3/13 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
    4/12/14 - Indio, CA - Coachella
    1/14/16 - Detroit, MI - Joe Louis Arena
    4/4/19 - Detroit, MI - Little Caesars Arena

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  1. There's no reason to doubt that sheet, but Something Human is longer than 2:47...
  2. The lack of Resistance, Something Human, Feeling Good, Undisclosed Desires, Guiding Light, Revolt etc is enough to make me not totally regret getting a ticket to this show lol. Hopefully the set won't be too static, but it seems like the production will kind of force that to be the case.
  3. At least that was 1000x more tasteful than NKOK. I do hope that's some kind of unreleased b-side that'll be coming out at some point.
  4. Tonight should be really interesting if there's a periscope haha
  5. I think I'm back in business! For now anyway hahaha
  6. I am not an admin, but I do believe that the ticket limit is 4 for the presales.

  7. Hello ! Are you an administrator ? Because I want to know how much tickets may I buy online in one step on october 21, since I'm a member ?About Canada, Quebec, Centre Videotron on January 23.

  8. Happy Birthday! :party:

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