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    7) January 28th, 2013 - Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA
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    9) May 16th, 2015 - KROQ Weenie Roast, Irvine, CA

    1) December 15th, 2015 - Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA

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  1. The Branagh Hamlet really is beautiful. There's some bits where it being the full text means it kind of plods along, but the cinematography and acting more than make up for any lulls.


    If you like Shakespeare related things, I'd highly suggest reading the comic series/graphic novels Kill Shakespeare. I don't want to say much and possibly spoil it but Shakespeare is a Wizard-God and his characters are at war with each other. King Richard III and Lady Macbeth are the leaders of one side; Juliet and Othello are the leaders of the other; stuck in the middle is Hamlet. It's a beautifully drawn book and the writing, while not in iambic pentameter, does a good job of faking it.

  2. So you did! Missed that somehow. Have to admit to still not having seen Branagh's Hamlet! That's definitely one of many outstanding on my to-watch list.


    I read that with some friends at a drunken party in the summer! I really must by it. It was hilarious. Can file it next to my choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet ('To Be or Not To Be') and the 'Shakespeare Not Stirred' cocktail recipe book (inc. 'Now is the Whiskey of our Discontent', 'Exit Pursued by a Beer', 'Get Thee to a Winery' and 'Caliban's Wrong Island Ice Tea'). Both are amazing!

  3. I mentioned a couple in the thread. Hamlet (1996) and Othello (1995) are very good. Scotland, PA is a reimaging of Macbeth set at a fast-food restaurant.


    If you like reading, William Shakespeare's Star Wars is worth a look. It's a parody as much as a tribute.

  4. Ha! Glad someone liked my Shakespeare fanboying. I'd love any more recommendations too, if you have any favourites I missed!

  5. Just read your list of favorite Shakespeare adaptations in the last film you watched thread and all I can say is "Marry Me?" :p


    You hit nearly all my favorites and more importantly WHY they're my favorites.

  6. Teared up during that too (although for probably more personal reasons). Rewatched the entire concert when I uploaded the individual songs. Fantastic night.

  7. I needed a nostalgia blanket, so I watched your edit of Citizen Erased from Outside Lands 2011 a.k.a. the night Muse made me cry. Cheers.

  8. Heh, I figured you'd find me on here soon enough. It was cool meeting you. Always fun to meet other super-fans. I'm sure I'll see you at the next one as well.

  9. haha I got your message from ages ago, and yes, that gig at the Oracle Arena was amazing. I got a floor ticket and I couldn't believe how intense the show was! Matt's personal laser was my favorite :)

  10. It had to do with Banter. My name used to be "Death_Of_Me", but that was too Muse-y. So, I tried coming up with a non-Muse based name, watched "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" one night and voila.

  11. oi! whats with the name change :p

  12. Happy Birthday!! :party:

  13. I haven't yet, but it is on my list!

  14. I see from some of your posts that you like F. Scott Fitzgerald. Have you ever read "Tender Is The Night"? If you really liked "The Great Gatsby", you'll like that book.

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