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  1. Oh my gawd! It was awesome! I promised myself that I'll only go to one gig on this tour but after seeing them, all my latent Muse passions came flying back and now I'm itching to buy a ticket for the NJ gig
  2. I think I was 37th in line You are right, I wish more venues were managed this way. I don't have tickets to any of the fall shows yet but I think I might get them later from musebay. I think I'll go to the Philly show so maybe I'll see you there. Chris - the pictures are ace! Thanks for posting!
  3. Oh well…maybe next time. I did have a great time at the Boston gig so I'm not too disappointed
  4. ^^ happy for you SourceNRG!! That was a brilliant idea! I'm weirdly happy and jealous you all got an awesome setlist. I knew I should have got tickets to this gig
  5. You got Chris' harmonica!! I agree about the venue. Everything was so organized with the numbered wristbands and the staff were polite and considerate, given the awful weather we had that day. I met some nice people in the line too This was my one and only spring gig too. Maybe I'll go to one in Fall as well but don't know which one yet. Maybe DC or Philly.
  6. Did Matt say at some point during the gig that we reminded him of something?? I couldn't quite catch what he said. Btw how great was the crowd! I loved being a part of this
  7. Eeeeeeeee!! I had the best time tonight…nevermind the boring setlist! I got the barrier and then got to look into Matt's eyes and shake his hand too. I usually don't get fangirly but at that moment I squealed!! I think I'm still squealing in my head or maybe those are just my ears ringing. I'm so glad we got Map. It's my favorite TrebleRose good for you for getting Dom's drumstick! I'm jealous of all you guys joing to other shows. This was my only one but now I wish I was going to more.
  8. Anyone have any new info on the will call tickets situation? EDIT: Answering my own question…for anyone else who might want to know. The will call window is open as of 3 PM.
  9. I really hope the wristband system works. It would have been ok if it was either cold or wet. But both together Anyways, one more day till Do you think we have any chance of getting Dead Star?
  10. Just checked the weather. Forecast - rain with highs in the 40s. Ugh!
  11. I think you'll be fine taking the train. If I'm not wrong the train takes off right from North Station so you wouldn't have to make any connections.
  12. I have will call tickets too. I guess we'll just have to rely on the kindness of fellow musers. I might call TD Garden to see if I can get any info on the will call tickets. This wristband idea sounds great. So if you get a wristband and leave the area and come back at 5 to stand in the queue? Is that how it works?
  13. Oh and welcome to the board! Prepare to be entertained/appalled by the craziness that is the Muse fandom!
  14. YAY to all you new Muse gig goers!! I won't be my first one but it will be the first GA for me at TD Garden. Do you guys have seats or are you queuing up too?
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