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  1. THERE! Now, that wasn't hard, was it Matt? A personal statement to the fans makes all the difference in the world!! I take back calling Matt a dick. He's completely forgiven. Thank you Matt!
  2. That goes both ways, though! Matt is a wealthy man, and can afford to cancel a gig. Many of his fans are not wealthy, yet still spent small fortunes on travel and hotel to go see Muse. Where is your empathy for them? And yes, I suppose Matt doesn't "owe" anyone an apology. But if it were me, and I cancelled a gig under similar circumstances -- where so many people were going to be disappointed, I would feel compelled to apologize.
  3. First, yes, I have had a broken foot before. And I still had to go to work. Second, if Matt knew how to play his cards, he would make this injury work in his favor. It would be the most endearing thing in the world if he were to go out on the stage with a cast on his foot, and just belt into the mic, "The show must go on!" People would go fucking bananas, and he'd make the evening news! Sometimes I think he may not be so smart. Very doubtful. VERY doubtful. He is being a wimp, though.
  4. Did Chris's wife go into labor early or something? If not, I find it odd that they scheduled shows knowing the birth would be imminent around that time. Did anyone ever find out what the "unforeseen circumstances" were that cancelled the last gig in Sweden? Was it just one gig? Does anyone know if it's the same concert promoter running the three gigs that were cancelled this time around?
  5. How many shows got cancelled when Matt broke his face open in Atlanta? I'm guessing not many. And that's his FACE. He needed to use his face to sing. Of course, back then he was still trying to impress people.
  6. Sure he shows up for the gigs these days. After all, that's how he gets paid. But the sets are short, and he blows off a whole load of his vocal parts. That screams "I just want to go home" to me. Absolutely. Those guys get paid a fortune, and are worth a fortune to their teams. The team doctors wouldn't risk hurting them more. Simple as that.
  7. Matt really could easily have a doctor tape his toes up and get a cortisone injection and do the shows. American football players play with broken bones all the time. I guess he's just not that dedicated. This incident really spotlights Matt's "fuck it" attitude and lack of work ethic. Sippe is right. It's a broken toe -- not even a BIG toe. His hands aren't broken. I'm really starting to think Matt's a dick.
  8. Wow. I really hope the band make their own, personal public statement and apologize. The really, REALLY should re-schedule the shows. If it's a matter of logistics -- like they can't get they're umpteen zillion trucks with the stage set-up there at the end of the current tour, then they should do the gigs without the elaborate stage set up. Period. Hopefully they'll come out and say something by tomorrow. They really need to take a lesson from Brandon Flowers and the Killers, who were very apologetic and did reschedule after the Manchester incident. If they do neither, then there's no way around it. Muse are dicks, and they're heads have hopelessly and completely disappeared up their asses.
  9. Flea? He's mentioned him before. Muse toured with the Chili Peppers, and Chris obviously has repressed love for funk.
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