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  1. Yeah, I'm wondering why they skipped over AB too! Isn't that a norm for them? I'm disappointed that New Brunswick isn't on the list, but not surprised. Not many artists come here (and probably for good reason).
  2. Yeah, people on Youtube can be real dicks, especially when it comes to music. It's something about "genuine fans" being there "ever since the beginning" and "knowing all the songs down to the T" and "owning everything they've ever done in physical form." If you ask me, they're just really insecure and looking to remedy that by lording themselves over new/casual fans. Also, why do people shit on people telling them to go back to "their own music" when they're from/already part of another fanbase?? I just don't understand it. Just because you watch a show or movie or read a book or such doesn't mean it'll automatically connect you to a certain artist or music genre? and dan+phil actually like muse so their logic is seriously flawed; anyway... It doesn't actually fix anything. It makes them look like shit (which they probably are) and makes others feel like crap (which they don't deserve to). It doesn't matter if you just like one song to death or know all of them by heart - you still don't deserve to get shit on for not knowing every song or liking something else before liking Muse. It also doesn't matter what you liked beforehand I liked COUNTRY MUSIC and TWILIGHT (at the same time) before listening to Muse for crying out loud...and as far as the "immature" thing, that's bullshit. If Muse/being part of the fanbase makes you a happier person, then I see no problem with listening to their music. It is completely irrelevant what they say/think about you and your place in the fanbase/what you like besides Muse. It's what you listen to and what you like. If someone wants to shit on you for it, then they're just a sad excuse of an asshole. They can't decide what you like and on what terms you like it. In other words: they need to shush. Your interests are valid, no matter if you just know Uprising or every single song they're ever done. Welcome to the board! Always good to see new people here And that's not the worst post ever. I've done far worse in my day You don't have to apologise for making this post :3 homophobes, ugh
  3. it's undertitle time.

  4. But are you sad that I wanna keep JFK or sad that she's no longer active? Because I'll give you JFK if you want! :3

  5. Â You wanted JFK? I'll give that if you want :3
  6. I think Chris mentioned it in an interview too; something about 'big shows missing something'? hmm
  7. Thanks for posting here! I mean it probably won't do much but might as well try, right? *internal sigh*
  8. Detected slight Nine Inch Nails influences there. Slight. It's not bad but the vocals on the 'dead inside' kinda kill it a bit. Basically it supports my theory that Mercy's gonna sound a bit like this: r3VLSbsb3a0
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