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  1. Reminds me of my experience at Reading 2011 - I felt exactly the same way and escaped over the barrier and missed Micro Cuts, Screenager, Dark Shines. I think that was my festival naivety though not expecting that. However, I think it is just luck in terms of placement. I deliberately hovered at the back of the floor by the sound desk for this one purposefully to try and avoid that and it was still the mightiest squeeze and I couldn't see a damn thing because of the low floor. I was also getting incredibly hot and breathless so moved over to the left hand side nearer the stairs around half way through. More space but sadly the sound was a bit meh from there (and still couldn't see anything) Still a great show and I'm very thankful I got to be a part of it, but I'm really not cut out for these intense floor experiences
  2. Haven't voted yet so just checking - are there any songs being voted for that Matt/any of them realistically are unlikely to play that well these days due to difficulty/singing constraints etc? I don't really want to have paid to see them sound like a cover band trying to play something really obviously can't pull off anymore. Not that I don't want to see an entire set list of crazyness but I'd rather see say, a really good performance of Hyper Music or Muscle Museum than a really shit one of Eternally Missed* just because of how rare it is. * just an example, I actually have no idea how difficult that is to sing
  3. Fucking hell they need to stop announcing London shows, I expected my bank account to only have to deal with two... I have tickets to the 11th, 14th and 15th so far, but the policy of "attend both nights because otherwise you risk hating yourself" is really being pushed to the limit here
  4. Now I really like this. Something about it just works and I was actually really surprised that when I watched the live version I thought it looked great, far better than Madness/Undisclosed Desires. It's also the first Muse song for a while that I've actually found the lyrics to be quite cleverly put together, regardless of the simpleness.
  5. Ugh after all that website stress I think it's sold out. If anyone has any spares, holla at me.
  6. dan.

    Psycho UK Tour

    Still can't log in. Release the fucking kraken.
  7. Eh I can't do any of the London dates. Is this being released properly after or is it a dumb 'YOLO ONLY CHANCE!!1' thing?
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