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    10/09/10 - Wembley Stadium, London
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    28/08/11 - Reading Festival 2011
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  1. Got a belated birthday present for you, if you just PM me your name and email address. It's related to a Muse gig on the 2nd of June and rhymes with "picket"

  2. 2D

    bets on Mer giving you the warning on TPM

  3. 2D

    Yeah 2 trips for me is going to be interesting as well, though luckily my sister is now living back in Angel. It's because Ellie and I are busy this weekend and doing it any later than next weekend will just mean stupid queues. Also, we need to convince tom to do Experiment 10 as it has been getting very good reviews.

  4. dan.

    Eeek, two trips in two days is tricky going. Thorpe I can definitely do, not sure about Chessie yet...

  5. 2D

    Dan, are you up for Chessie on the 22nd and Forp on the 23rd with me, Ellie, Tommy and possibly Adam and Ryan

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