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  1. it's undertitle time.

  2. But are you sad that I wanna keep JFK or sad that she's no longer active? Because I'll give you JFK if you want! :3

  3. Life's okay I suppose. In a nutshell: busy.

  4. Nah, it really wasn't that awesome, yet I'm still oddly happy about it. I received a five dollar bill, three packs of 5 gum, and four miniature cupcakes. :happy:

  5. did you get pesterchum yet?

  6. Kate is such a supportive fiancee :chuckle: Adapted to Matt's craziness quickly enough. :LOL:


    You DID?! Oh my god :awesome:

  7. Oh yay, Japanese tentacle porn.


    How about Kate in that weird gold spiky thing? :LOL:

  8. I think it was from the first season...?

  9. Y'know, I have never associated Invincible with It's A Small World.


    I've always associated it with that episode of Family Guy.

  10. I might be going. Might. Depends on f we can grab a whole week at Universal or just a day or two.

  11. But we actually have to save money in my family. I've only ever been to Disney once. ONCE. And that was for about seven hours. And everyone in my family absolutely refused to go on Space Mountain even though there was only about a five-minute wait time at that moment. :facepalm: My mom wants to take me to Universal sometime in the later half of the year, and since Harry Potter world is in Universal, I guess that makes for a decent (if not better) replacement.


    Beats going to freaking Kissimmee and Oldtown for three days.

  12. Any?

    Walk With The Noise - IAMX

    The Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine

    From Yesterday - 30stm

    Breathe - Telepopmusik



  13. Oh, not much. Congrats, you have joined the boards. ADVICE: Keep to Main Muse (the top part) for at least a few weeks. *gives general advice that was given to me* :LOL:

  14. Oh, if I'd known that I would have told you about their second album first. Still, :happy:

  15. I hope he takes pity on me :LOL:


    A 30stm thing that was started as a sort of...fun random whatever for the new single Up In The Air. I looked like a colossal idiot trying to film it :LOL:

  16. I know right? It's like me walking into a Walmart in the middle of May and finding NO copies of Love Lust Faith + Dreams even though it just came out. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that.....

    You know what the Ani-Dances are about, right? *i'm just trying to win free tickets*

    Maybe if my mom's boyfriend takes pity on me when I move he might take me to see the Atlanta show in September. Maybe.

  17. Can't beat what happened to me today.

    Went to Walmart for a copy of A Rush Of Blood To The Head, and they did not have a SINGLE Coldplay CD in stock :wtf: So I settled on a F+TM cd and went to the Subway counter. Some od lady saw my shirt and kept tryig to figure out what the hell a 'Muse' was and if I was in a ballet class :LOL:


    And I want to put together an Anti-Dance video later tonight. yesey:


    How come everyone's parents are so easy to convince to let then go to concerts? My mom is so goddamned stingy and she DESPISES the idea of using gas and standing around with a ton of teenage girls :facepalm: She thinks I'll forget about the show after a week and lose appreciation for the band I saw :facepalm: WHY IS IT SO EASY FOR EVERYONE ELSE?! :(

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