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The fan base is probably very different too. I imagine most of the folks who were around here when BH&R came out have now left.


Lots of newer fans might have been hooked by Madnes or Uprising, then explored the back catalogue and found BH&R to be their preferred balance of Muse's styles.


Yeah for sure many of those who got into Muse in the Showbiz era never came to terms with the transformation that the band's music underwent with BH&R. Today's hardcore fans got into Muse around the release of BH&R and The Resistance for a large part, so although I think OoS and Absolution are still by far the most popular albums, I guess they are more open to the other aspects of the band's music in general.


Yet I remember that when I started to become a big fan and to really get into the older stuff, I kind of started to disregard the post-Abso material, even though there were songs I still loved. And then I started reappraising BH&R, and I have a feeling TR will follow some day. My experience is probably not generalisable.


For a while, The Resistance was held up as better than the "slump" of Black Holes.


I do remember that. On the French website that was big back then, the oldest fans were happy with the return to less electronic and more organic stuff.

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Just found their music month ago, and although haven't been able to remember the full name of the members (sorry, just listening, haven't read too much about them), but here's my list. Their music's so amazing and I play their lives everyday when I am at work :D Totally in love and hope to have chance to join their live soon :D


1. Resistance

2. Undisclosed Desire

3. Uprising

4. Follow me

5. Explorers

6. Supremacy

7. Dead Inside

8. Hysteria

9. Plug In Baby

10. Supermassive Black Hole

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1. Muscle Museum

2. Micro Cuts

3. Knights of Cydonia

4. Megalomania

5. Butterflies and Hurricanes

6. Plug in Baby Early Version (2000s)

7. Debase Mason's Grog Live (2005 early version of Assassin)

8. City of Delusion

9.Apocalypse Please

10. Recess


I would input more but it only asks for 10.

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Wow, I haven't done this for ages, since 2012 apparently, and by the look of it, I've never actually managed a full top ten, haha! Let's see what I can come up with this time.


Citizen Erased

Stockholm Syndrome

Hyper Chondriac Music



City Of Delusion

Butterflies And Hurricanes

Ruled By Secrecy




Something vaguely like that. I could probably have another five or ten honourable mentions though.

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Worth updating mine




Hate This & I’ll Love You


Shine (Acoustic)

Citizen Erased

City Of Delusion

Dead Star

Take A Bow



Might be the first time Map’s ever missed out </3 Darkshines and Stockholm should really be right up there as well but, y’know, rules are rules



...and yes I realise I’ve slagged off CE a lot in recent years

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I'm new to the boards and I fear my list isn't going to make for the best first impression. But what can I say? I have a soft spot for poppy Muse.


In chronological order:

1. Muscle Museum

2. Unintended

3. New Born

4. Map Of Your Head

5. The Small Print

6. Glorious

7. MK Ultra

8. Panic Station

9. Big Freeze

10. The Handler

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