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Found 6 results

  1. Ok, I know there was a misheard lyrics thread on the board that died but as it was one of my favorite threads and that I'm sure that there are more misheard lyrics, don't be embarrassed and share them so we can all laugh at our deafness! Ok so let's start. "It wont be long, before I disturb you in the dark always" sounded to me like: "It wont be long, before I just stab you in the dark" "now that you know i'm trapped sense of elation" sounded to me like: "now that you know i'm trapped since ovulation"
  2. What are your most and least favourite songs on each Muse album? (I haven’t included Hullabaloo as I couldn’t be bothered but feel free too if you want) My choices after much thought are: Showbiz Most: Muscle Museum Sunburn Cave Showbiz Least: Hate this and I'll love you Escape Origin of Symmetry Most: New Born Plug in Baby Citizen Erased Hypermusic Least: Screenager (Worst non B-side Muse have ever written in my opinion) Megalomania (Only two Songs on the album that are poor in comparison to the rest of that album) Absolution Most: Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria The Small Print Apocalypse Please Least: Endlessly Blackhole and Revelations Most: Knights of Cydonia Assassin Supermassive Blackhole Exo Politics Least: Take A Bow (Decent song but a bit lame in comparison to the rest of the album) Unfortunately they chose to end their gig at the Eden Project with Take a Bow when they could have played Muscle Museum , however I did need a clean pair of jeans after they opened with Knights then Hysteria . Anyway…. Feel free to discuss (sorry if this Thread has been done before but i couldn't be asked to look)
  3. Just added to the shop, the perfect stocking filler to brighten up your Christmas! Available individually or as a set, these mugs come in red, yellow, blue and black with giant white MUSE logos. Buy your favourite colour for £6 or get the entire set for the discounted price of £20. Click on the link below to go to the shop. Source: http://www.muse.mu/index.php?sec=news-395
  4. Muse covered ACDC Back in Black at the BDO. I thought we should make a thread to discuss it.
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