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Ppl keep getting these, oh so original ideas all the time :eek:


Wish I could think the same these ppl can :(



Eternally Missed

Hyper Music



Dark Shines

Thought of a Dying Atheist


City of Delusion



Ofc, I could do another list where there was 10 another muse songs...pointlessness wee.

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1- Invicible

2- New Born

3- Citizen Erased

4- Map of the Problematique

5- Eternally Missed

6- House of a Rising Sun

7- Unintended

8- Showbiz

9- Starlight [ Live ]

10- The Small Print


+ Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, Do We Need This, Feeling Good, Plug In Baby .. :(

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New Born

Citizen Erased


Dead Star

Knights of cydonia


map of the problematique

Time is Running Out

Apocalypse Please

Take a Bow

Plug in Baby



Stockholm Syndrome and many more that i cant remember... list of 10... fuck that

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