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    Mark is a leafy gent, who leaves a trail of bracken across the beds of the world. It is for this very reason that he is known as 'Foliage Man, the Master of Woods.' He drinks chlorophyll through a pocket straw, and always keeps small owls in his hair. This is why others name him 'Masked Mark, Keeper of Owls', and present him with small alcoholic beakers via tiny, elaborate dancing steps. It is a ritual said to resemble a butterfly force-fed it's own body weight in vodka spirits. He grows ample moss on his own knees, and for this he is famously known as 'The Mossy Marauder, Weaver of Maps,' for Mark spins this moss into cartographical charts, and sells them to squirrels for five nuts apiece. He goes hither and thither and whenceforth about the land, giving birth to many names. This is why some call him 'Mark the Multiparous.' Others call him 'Schizophrenic Bubonic Bitch-Boy,' but these are unkind people, who possess tiny eyes, and enormous ears which would soon as swallow as hear a man.
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    Cats purring, pursuing ducks on pedalos, eccentric chimney pots, hugs, incense smoke writhing in candlelight, writhing in candlelight, neon lights in rain, old photographs of strangers, the smell of fog, drinking wine by moonlight, petrol swirling colourfully in puddles, ruined castles, steaming tea, ancient ivy, sunlight splintering through tree branches, hearing bats squeak, dead trees, sundials, the feeling of grass beneath your toes, ancient books that crumble as you touch them, fireflies, old cobbled paths, storms by the sea.
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    2003 - Wembley Arena, 2004 - Earls Court, 2006 - Lowlands Festival, 2006 - Cardiff, 2007 - Open'er Festival, 2007 - Wembley Stadium, 2009 - Birmingham NIA
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  1. My fiend had the translation of the original French version. So Lancelot is never, ever wrong. Especially when he decides to fight for some guy against Arthur, routs the army of Camelot and then gets the other king to surrender because he adores Lancelot so much.

  2. Ha! I do love it when knights defend bridges. So much put into something so small and pointless. Who needs to defend a kingdom when I can defend this bridge?! But then again I find most of the Arthur stories accidentally hilarious. Which version of Lancelot were you reading? I only really know Malory's Morte Darthur version well. I really need to get around to reading Chretien's original romance at some point. It's an amusingly dishonourable way for Lancelot to be introduced into the legend, forced to ride in a cart, causing everyone he meets to not take him seriously and dismiss him as a low born pretender rather than a real knight.

  3. Because you're one of two boardies who might've done, have you read Lancelot of the Lake? Because a backpacker friend was reading it on our trip around the Milford Sound, and read several passages out to me. We've concluded that Lancelot, as a French insertion into an English tale, might be the original Mary Sue. Also, a bafflingly large portion of the aristocracy seem to have dedicated themselves to stopping people from crossing bridges.

  4. Ha! I liked that. Very well done.

  5. I don't often think of Musers, but upon watching this I couldn't help but think it would be right up your alley

  6. The Branagh Hamlet really is beautiful. There's some bits where it being the full text means it kind of plods along, but the cinematography and acting more than make up for any lulls.


    If you like Shakespeare related things, I'd highly suggest reading the comic series/graphic novels Kill Shakespeare. I don't want to say much and possibly spoil it but Shakespeare is a Wizard-God and his characters are at war with each other. King Richard III and Lady Macbeth are the leaders of one side; Juliet and Othello are the leaders of the other; stuck in the middle is Hamlet. It's a beautifully drawn book and the writing, while not in iambic pentameter, does a good job of faking it.

  7. So you did! Missed that somehow. Have to admit to still not having seen Branagh's Hamlet! That's definitely one of many outstanding on my to-watch list.


    I read that with some friends at a drunken party in the summer! I really must by it. It was hilarious. Can file it next to my choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet ('To Be or Not To Be') and the 'Shakespeare Not Stirred' cocktail recipe book (inc. 'Now is the Whiskey of our Discontent', 'Exit Pursued by a Beer', 'Get Thee to a Winery' and 'Caliban's Wrong Island Ice Tea'). Both are amazing!

  8. I mentioned a couple in the thread. Hamlet (1996) and Othello (1995) are very good. Scotland, PA is a reimaging of Macbeth set at a fast-food restaurant.


    If you like reading, William Shakespeare's Star Wars is worth a look. It's a parody as much as a tribute.

  9. Ha! Glad someone liked my Shakespeare fanboying. I'd love any more recommendations too, if you have any favourites I missed!

  10. Just read your list of favorite Shakespeare adaptations in the last film you watched thread and all I can say is "Marry Me?" :p


    You hit nearly all my favorites and more importantly WHY they're my favorites.

  11. Did you near the Domovoyd album in the end? That and Minsk's have given me a real appetite for heavy psych, do you know of any other good acts in that scene?

  12. Thanks man, will give it a listen!

  13. Hola. Have you heard any of the new Domovoyd album? I think you'll find a lot to like.

  14. Nice! :DD I expected more from Spurs to be honest.

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