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    Playing bass and video games. My bass rig is also heavily inspired by the gear Chris has used through years, including a Marshall DBS-amp, a rick 4003, jazz bass and a large variety of pedals.
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    Rammstein, Nightwish, Turmion Kätilöt and Ensiferum, for example. Just a scrape though, I listen to A LOT of music.
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    Showbiz x2
    Origin of Symmetry x3
    Absolution x2
    Black holes and Revelations x2
    The Resistance x2
    The 2nd Law x2
    Simulation Theory
    Hulaballoo x3
    Knights of Cydonia single
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    Helsinki Olympic stadium 2013
    Provinssi 2015
    Helsinki Hartwall Arena 2016
    Reading Festival 2017
    Helsinki 2019

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  1. So, since some people here were convinced that the album would fall out of favor after some time, let me just do my part and say that it still stands firmly in my #3 spot for albums. The whole thing(minus GUAF and DD) absolutely slaps.
  2. Showbiz Showbiz Sunburn Origin of Symmetry Plug in Baby x5 Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Absolution Apocalypse Please Stockholm Syndrome x3 Time is Running Out x5 Interlude & Hysteria x5 Blackout Black Holes and Revelations Take a Bow x3 Supermassive Black Hole x5 Knights of Cydonia x5 Starlight x5 Map of the Problematique The Resistance Uprising x5 Resistance Undisclosed Desires PUUUUUUURE HEAAAAAAAAAAAARTS The 2nd Law Supremacy Madness x5 Animals Liquid State Panic Station Survival Follow Me The 2nd Law: Unsustainable The 2nd Law: Isolated System x4 Drones Psycho x4 Reapers x2 Dead Inside x2 The Handler x2 The Globalist Mercy x4 Simulation Theory Algorithm Algorithm AR Pressure The Dark Side Propaganda Break it to Me Thought Contagion Dig Down Dig Down AG Covers Feeling Good x2 Back in Black (w/ Brian Johnson) MWAH x5 Dracula Mountain Other Agitated Yes Please Metal Medley Jams Monty Jam Munich Jam x3 Houston Jam
  3. PRÖÖT Onkos täällä jonottelijoita menossa jo aamulla/päivällä kytikselle?
  4. Anyone think the Finnish gig has a chance to land some sweets? The guys always talk about how they want to play heavier stuff here since we're the "promised land of metal" and I'll be honest, we seem to get some nice deeper cuts almost every gig. If I'm counting it correctly, the three last gigs have had MOTP, TaB(on Drones tour so not regulars), Citizen Erased, Micro Cuts, Yes Please and Agitated. Keeping my hopes up for, eh, let's say one of Butterflies, Bliss, Citizen Erased or maybe even, dare I say it, Showbiz.
  5. "You see my dears, this is what happens when uncle Matt hits the bong a bit too hard before a gig" *FX Intro* Algorithm The Dark Side Bliss(ext. outro) Psycho The Handler Blockades Citizen Erased B-Stage Piano/Synth Section Space Dementia Sunburn Apocalypse Please The Void Back to main stage Pressure Supermassive Black Hole Panic Station D&B Jam Animals Dead Inside Butterflies and Hurricanes Propaganda Get Up And Fight Defector Encore Uprising Assassin + short GOB-outro Take a Bow Encore 2 Plug in Baby Mini-metal-medley; Riffage of Dead Star, The Groove, Reapers and Hyper Music(max. 5 mins or so) Stockholm Syndrome Knights of Cydonia And, yes, before you ask, I 100% believe a high-as-a-kite-Matt would think that section starting with Animals and ending with Take a Bow would tell an amazing story about people taking the power back, fuck the song flow.
  6. Not sure if this is controversial, but it's weird for sure: I would kill to get the slap tone Chris uses both in UD and Panic Station. Mmmmh, that warm, thicc bassy tone with just a hint of od on it is just soooo god damn awesome. The application sure could use some work but if they ever go back to slap songs for the love of god don't touch that tone.
  7. I'm already preparing to cry for my wallet if it's by request-shows or any other smaller gigs, since those always have old shite in them. Flights, tix, hotels if needed, hooooo boy here we go again.
  8. I tend to agree that I'm overreacting, but I'm still pretty baffled. Even some of the once you mentioned at the end, like Endlessly and Invincible are ones I was sure they'd bring back at some point. They're simple pop songs with catchy lyrics and perfect for the casual ear. Also Bliss staying on the shelf for this long is alarming.
  9. Idk if this is just me but the guys really are refusing to leave their comfort zone rn. Remember all the comments of how Dom never wants to play Assassin or some other old(not deep cuts but even the well-known ones) songs because "they're not fun to play", then proceeds to force Resistance or UD in setlists when they're known mood and flow killers? Matt doesn't want to play anything that's not a megahit, new song or a setlist staple for 10+ years. Chris just doesn't give a fuck and plays what the two say and seems to be more interested in actually playing the songs well and accurately rather than fishing for reactions from the crowd, like, um, someone else in the band. Do they not understand that they can literally play any song from the standard versions of their lps(minus like the backhalf of Showbiz) and get great reactions and the crowd into it? Like, I think I've said this before, but they need to take a page from bands like Metallica or Iron Maiden and just not give a shit and play some oddities while also throwing in the occasional "casual pleaser". And, yes, those two bands are still bigger than Muse, but not too much that they can't be compared.
  10. So I haven't really been on the board a lot, what's our current consensus on the tour/setlist so far? Personally I think the visual side hits it even further out of the park than previous tours, if that's possible. Also the setlists have been pretty banging considering it's the NA leg, but then again someone who doesn't rank ST as highly as I do probably isn't enjoying the sets so far.
  11. My Rick is still underused as hell so I'm willing to listen to trade offers. Not really looking for cash. 2004 Rickenbacker 4003, fireglo, original case, paperwork and everything included. Pickup cover is off right now but will of course be included. I'm looking for another bass in exchange. Mostly looking for a 4-string, brands I'm mostly looking for incl. Pedulla, Status, lower-end Alembic, Sadowsky or Fender. Only JB bodies/wirings from Sadowsky/Fender though. If you have any other high-end 4-strings you could offer, do it. Also if someone is willing to do a Manson guitar for Rick + cash, I'm listening, but I can't pay more than a few hundred euros to even out so that probs limits the options.
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