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    Playing bass and video games. My bass rig is also heavily inspired by the gear Chris has used through years, including a Marshall DBS-amp, a rick 4003, jazz bass and a large variety of pedals.
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    Rammstein, Nightwish, Turmion Kätilöt and Ensiferum, for example. Just a scrape though, I listen to A LOT of music.
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    Showbiz x2
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    Absolution x2
    Black holes and Revelations x2
    The Resistance x2
    The 2nd Law x2
    Simulation Theory
    Hulaballoo x3
    Knights of Cydonia single
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    Helsinki Olympic stadium 2013
    Provinssi 2015
    Helsinki Hartwall Arena 2016
    Reading Festival 2017
    Helsinki 2019

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  1. So I haven't really been on the board a lot, what's our current consensus on the tour/setlist so far? Personally I think the visual side hits it even further out of the park than previous tours, if that's possible. Also the setlists have been pretty banging considering it's the NA leg, but then again someone who doesn't rank ST as highly as I do probably isn't enjoying the sets so far.
  2. My Rick is still underused as hell so I'm willing to listen to trade offers. Not really looking for cash. 2004 Rickenbacker 4003, fireglo, original case, paperwork and everything included. Pickup cover is off right now but will of course be included. I'm looking for another bass in exchange. Mostly looking for a 4-string, brands I'm mostly looking for incl. Pedulla, Status, lower-end Alembic, Sadowsky or Fender. Only JB bodies/wirings from Sadowsky/Fender though. If you have any other high-end 4-strings you could offer, do it. Also if someone is willing to do a Manson guitar for Rick + cash, I'm listening, but I can't pay more than a few hundred euros to even out so that probs limits the options.
  3. Eh, I'm enough of a sucker for the "Muse song 101" gimmick that I'll go with Blockades.
  4. Drones and it's not even close. Uninspired, cringeworthy lyrics, shit mixing, need I continue?
  5. Screams in Unnatural Selectionese
  6. Nuclear take incoming: OoS BH&R ST Absolution Showbiz T2L TR Drones
  7. Algorithm The Dark Side Map of the Problematique Supermassive Black Hole New Born Hysteria Illuminate(Leprous cover) Break it to Me Butterflies & Hurricanes Starlight Time is Running Out Stockholm Syndrome + riffage Agitated --- Supremacy Drum & Bass jam Psycho Knights of Cydonia --- Blockades Uprising Bliss The Void Take a Bow
  8. A perfect Muse setlist - Now with rotations! 1. Algorithm 2. The Dark Side 3. Map of the Problematique 4. SMBH/Dead Inside/Psycho 5. Supremacy 6. Citizen Erased/MKU/Invincible 7. Propaganda/Break it to Me 8. Break it to Me/Propaganda 9. Defector/Hysteria 10. Resistance 11. Time is Running Out 12. MK Ultra/Citizen Erased 13. Blockades 14. Stockholm Syndrome Medley(10-15 minutes like Matt said) 15.1 Yes Please(Jam version) 15.2 Agitated(without outro) 15.3 The Groove(riff) 15.4 Futurism(short) 15.5 Dead Star(short) 15.6 The Handler(chorus + outro) 15.7 Uno(riff) 15.8 The Small Print(short) 15.9 Space Dementia outro --- We Are The Universe intro(short) 16. Uprising/Unnatural Selection 17. The Void 18. Take a Bow --- 19. Butterflies & Hurricanes/Plug in Baby/Glorious(extremely rarely. Or whenever Dom is drunk enough to not be able to take part in making the setlist) 20. Assassin + GOB Outro/Reapers 21. Knights of Cydonia 22. Bliss + extended outro/Showbiz(rarely)
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