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    I have a beard.

    I like expensive gifts, especially guitars or guitar stuff. I also like lots of money so I can spend it going to the Netherlands. :awesome:

    I also have lots of bills, if you want to pay them. ;)
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    Wiki wiki Wolverhampton!
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    Running, jumping, climbing trees!
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    teh 'head
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    nothing, it's shit
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    yeah I have a life
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    see above

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  1. I used to have respect for you.
  2. Can't believe you're still using that old photo. :p

  3. Are you still living with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air? Dude, you're 30 now! Move out!
  4. Who's looking forward to a Feeling Good - Madness - Starlight super combo?
  5. Ril

    Muse wallet

    The last post in support changes for the first time in ages but it's still yours.
  6. Not if you're camping with Max it doesn't. I reckon it will be Nickelback.
  7. My awesome day of Muse listening. http://www.last.fm/user/raasthefarian
  8. People need to lighten up and realise different people like different Muse songs.
  9. I agree, Dead Star clearly isn't as good as Guiding Light.
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