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  1. The 2nd Law. Don't hate it but like it the least of all of them.
  2. Tough one. I think maybe The Void at least at the moment. love blockades as well though
  3. Love it. Very eerie vibes. The vocal melody is catchy as hell. You can sense the traditional or "old Muse" in there but it's presented in full on synthy style. I will admit I'm more partial to their rock and classical sound but I do love synths and if muse must go full synth this is what I want.
  4. Have to update mine. Sunburn Muscle Museum New Born Bliss Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Time is running out Sing for Absolution Hysteria Stockholm Syndrome
  5. Not sure. I don't hate it. Its certainly catchy and stuck in my head. There are parts I like such as the riff, synthetic, falsetto but I'm not keen on the vocal melody. I enjoyed the "you've been bit by..." parts. I can't add much more than what people have said that its ok but when you consider its by the same people who wrote Citizen Erased or even Butterflies and Hurricanes it comes across as uninspired. There was a time when I loved every muse song released but the last 3 songs I have been very indifferent to. It was bound to happen that Muse would release something I wasn't keen on i just hope it's not consistant.
  6. In no particular order: Muscle Museum Bliss Micro Cuts Sing For Absolution Stockholm Syndrome City of Delusion Endlessly Sunburn Hysteria Megalomania Very honorable mentions to The Handler and Time is running out.
  7. Deffo. Ive always liked it and like so many songs I say its had a long enough rest now.
  8. Not a bad suggestion. Very scenic location though it didn't look like the crowd were particularly energetic which I suppose comes down to the climate and the gear.
  9. Thank you very much
  10. Thanks for responding. Sorry if I didn't explain it better. From my understanding the midi controller basically is programmed to control my pedal rig? Does this mean every time I want to use it I would need to set up both the pedal rig and also set up the controller on the floor at the same time or can I use the midi controller on its own (once its programmed) and leave the pedals stored away? Basically will the controller act as a replacement instead of having all the pedals set up?
  11. I'm looking into midi foot controllers as well. Can someone please advise though does the pedal board/rig need to be set up and switched on everytime you use the controller or does the controller save the settings for you to use. I'm thinking in terms of floor space where I play at home. Thanks in advance.
  12. I've been meaning to ask that as well. Can't seem to work it out and it's clearly not that complicated.
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