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  1. Ha! I do love it when knights defend bridges. So much put into something so small and pointless. Who needs to defend a kingdom when I can defend this bridge?! But then again I find most of the Arthur stories accidentally hilarious. Which version of Lancelot were you reading? I only really know Malory's Morte Darthur version well. I really need to get around to reading Chretien's original romance at some point. It's an amusingly dishonourable way for Lancelot to be introduced into the legend, forced to ride in a cart, causing everyone he meets to not take him seriously and dismiss him as a low born pretender rather than a real knight.

  2. Ha! I liked that. Very well done.

  3. So you did! Missed that somehow. Have to admit to still not having seen Branagh's Hamlet! That's definitely one of many outstanding on my to-watch list.


    I read that with some friends at a drunken party in the summer! I really must by it. It was hilarious. Can file it next to my choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet ('To Be or Not To Be') and the 'Shakespeare Not Stirred' cocktail recipe book (inc. 'Now is the Whiskey of our Discontent', 'Exit Pursued by a Beer', 'Get Thee to a Winery' and 'Caliban's Wrong Island Ice Tea'). Both are amazing!

  4. Ha! Glad someone liked my Shakespeare fanboying. I'd love any more recommendations too, if you have any favourites I missed!

  5. Thanks man, will give it a listen!

  6. I just wondered how you'd react to the cup final, via your football thread persona, if you were a Spurs fan! In terms of direct post inspiration, I may have copied/adapted this one: http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=10476095&postcount=9342

  7. I can't even remember where my user name came from! But I probably was first discovering post-rock around then. I still like it. In my mind it does still kind of capture two of the things that I'm most drawn to in music: noise and atmosphere, preferably with a futuristic or unsettling feel!

  8. Permission granted. Carry on sergeant major.

  9. MAGIC. :cool:


    ...A while ago really. In the Biffy thread after you went to see them. But arriving back post-Lottie's party with a head full of rum, I felt this needed to be stated!

  10. By the way, FOUND!

  11. Legolas by Laura has to be the best film I've seen all year. :happy:


    In other news, I'm going to Cuba in 2 days! :awesome:

  12. No costumes?! :eek: What's your new job?

  13. Drama Society party! The theme is "what went wrong". I'm dressing up as a Jurassic Park tour guide in a ripped and bloody shirt. Bought an official Jurassic Park patch for it last week (like THIS)! :awesome:


    What are you doing?

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