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  1. The Santa MB-1 looks gorgeous! I should try and get a photo of mine together some time. Just gave the new one a clean down and string change today.
  2. Bs

    Playing Unsustainable

    Thanks for the tonne of notifications That's actually pretty impressive, though I don't think your playing was as clean as the last video, haha! You've got the MIDI stuff nailed though, I don't think I'd have the patience for all that! Interestingly, Feeder have a new album out this year apparently. I liked All Bright Electric a lot so hopefully it's good. It's funny that you always mention Buck Rogers though, it would probably only be my 7th or 8th choice from that album alone, haha! If we're including songs that weren't even on it, then Just A Day tops them all, haha!
  3. @Ross0203 - Sounds great! It'll be worth the long wait when you get the chance to play it as well. Look forward to seeing some pictures here!
  4. @james90 - Haha, you could follow everyone on the site if you wanted to! xD @Ross0203 - That's great! Hope you have an awesome day! Open it in a room with lots of sunlight if you can, you get the extra specialness of seeing all the sparkles as you open the case for the first time.
  5. Woops. I'm still getting used to the new board, haha! Awesome! It's weird to think I've had mine for 7 years now. I've just started playing it again for the first time in a while actually. It's still as good as ever!
  6. Bs

    Playing Unsustainable

    My internet's fine, haha! I thought it was the site you'd used to upload the video or something, but never mind! That's pretty cool. I didn't realise it was a Fuzz Factory and Whammy going together, I didn't even know that was possible without it sounding completely terrible. I thought you might have been doing some kind amp modelling thing or something, but whatever it was sounded pretty much spot on.
  7. Bs

    Playing Unsustainable

    Very nice! It took me about five minutes to load the damn video but it sounds ridiculously accurate, not just the notes but the tone/effects as well. How the hell have you done that?
  8. Assuming I'm doing this right... - The piano arpeggios in the chorus of Stockholm Syndrome are always something that I've loved but I can imagine going unnoticed or unappreciated by others. - The background effects that somehow add so much to the song in (among others) Shine Acoustic, Hyper Chondriac Music, and the outro to Citizen Erased. - They might not count because they're so prominent, but I'll also add the strings in Blackout. I even love the instrumental version at the end of H.A.A.R.P.
  9. Haha, thanks, @james90! I almost forgot about it this year actually! I got a nice surprise from MGSV though to remind me, haha! @Ross0203 - Does this mean you're finally getting an MB-1? Weren't you planning to get one the same run I did way back? xD
  10. I'm now imagining walking down the street, looking over my shoulder, and seeing a man with a Kaoss Pad for a face hiding behind a lamppost, haha! That Unsustainable video is insanely accurate by the way. Really nice work.
  11. Haha! @james90 - Actually the rectifier thing got sorted out years ago. It did go through a few quite quickly in the first year or two I had it, but then I found out I had an older model, and that problem had been resolved on newer ones later. I called them up and they said the fix was offered as a free upgrade if I could post the main part of the amp to their nearest facility or whatever. I think I got it back about a week later and I've never had another problem with it since. They threw in a spare rectifier tube to make up for the ones I'd had to buy before as well for good measure. Very nice service.
  12. Haha! Did you have to Google 'Kaoss Pad - no, not that one, the twisty one'? Wait, hang on, does that mean we don't have the old emoticons anymore? Or are they still there? Oh good. Inconsistent sizes but better than nothing, I was lost for a second there, haha! I don't actually remember having any problem with my amp, it was the two pedalboards that took ages and then I got hit with a huge import charge as they were so big and heavy after I'd packed them with books and clothes and stuff. Fun times, haha!
  13. Krr, this is Ground Control to Major Tom, can you hear me Major Tom? Krrrrr... Are we back? Thanks for the heads-up by e-mail, James! I've been checking every now and then to see if the new site was up but was starting to think it was never going to happen. I was just going to check again today and here we are! Hope I can get the hang of the new layout, haha! Hey, my Totoro's gone! Well, I'll soon fix that!
  14. I'm too polite to call the new Muse album shit, but can I get away with calling it mildly awful? Nothing there for me at all unfortunately. I'll stick to Absolution and co.
  15. Just caught up on the new album. Now, I don't post in here all that often so people are fully entitled to completely disregard what follows but here's my thoughts for whatever they're worth. I may as well start with something positive, so I'll say first that if this is the music Muse want to make and there are people here who like it, then all power to them/you, and there's no bitterness from me whatsoever. However, there is absolutely nothing for me to like there at all. I can't say I'm disappointed because that would suggest I expected better after the songs we had heard so far, none of which I liked with the possible exception of The Dark Side. So my feelings were already pretty indifferent about this album going in, and sadly nothing changed that, with the exception of a few moments where I thought 'god, this is awful' or 'what the fuck am I listening to', which is not a great first impression. As I said, it's just not my music at all and I have no interest in listening to it. I'm trying to think of redeeming features or things that I like about any of the songs and I'm really struggling. I certainly couldn't name five. So there we are. I'll stick to listening to the old albums that I still love and assorted songs from the more recent ones that have earned my appreciation. I won't be wasting hard drive space on this one though.
  16. I don't mind Explorers much. I did see someone on the Reddit trying to argue, apparently without irony, that Dog Down (haha, thanks autocorrect, I'll keep that) was the greatest thing Muse had ever done though. That was one of the few times I've ever looked in there and my first impressions weren't great, haha! Reddit as a whole kind of puts me off though to be honest.
  17. You realise they're exactly the same, right? It's just a larger casing with a big empty bit for aesthetics if that's what you want. If it's Sustainiac (I can't see it closely enough on my phone) it will still have the blend option. I can't remember the details on the Fernandes. Finally got to play again yesterday for the first time in weeks anyway, and enjoying being able to play in a room with sunlight for the first time in years. I always liked those little reflections you get on the walls as you're playing, haha! Anyway, it turns out that in bright sunlight, my third guitar is actually purple which was kind of cool and interesting, haha! It usually looks black and with the wood underneath very faint and difficult to see, but in direct light you could see a lot more of it and it was kind of purple, I guess as the colour of the wood comes through the black layer. Anyway, it was cool to have that kind of difference. Hopefully I can play more often again now, I've been so busy lately they've been kind of neglected really.
  18. Yeah, I did, sorry, though I like the idea of comparing the size of my pedalboards to other things to show how big they are, haha! That's no moon...... Really? That is interesting, though I do think there's more to it than that. The frets on my new guitar were really bad and I haven't changed the strings or oiled the fretboard on that once yet, though I have played it a lot. I usually find the ali custom suffers from it most slowly, which I wondered might be due to the water in the air or whatever getting more spread out by the ali body as well...but I don't know. Either way, they're all pretty clean now, though I'm still so busy trying to sort the new room out, I haven't had chance to play so far.
  19. Doesn't he have enough black guitars? I miss the old chrome, mirror, sparkly days. Maybe he just doesn't feel like he needs the distraction anymore on stage?
  20. Ah, I don't have one now, sorry. I did take one at first but it was pretty rubbish, and there are only a few remnants left now, it must have been blown away or something. Would be useful to know what it was... Anyway, I've spent my morning today giving all three guitars a long overdue cleaning. At least the frets look mostly silver again now instead of...erm...faded gold? Yes, that's it, gold, definitely not yellow, no sir! At least the temperature and humidity here are a bit better so hopefully that will slow it down in future.
  21. Haha, no, I didn't, but I did find an 80 cm long snakeskin shortly after we arrived, so that's a promising start, haha! I'm out in the countryside now so I might have to be a bit more careful if I'm walking!
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