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  1. The stream is barely working for me so I have no idea what’s going on but reading these comments about all of these songs reminds me of when everyone gets dusted in Infinity War.
  2. Okay, but let's evaluate this before jumping the gun. He hates it and the song is called "Hate This and I'll Love You". So what if this is actually the best opinion?!?!
  3. So the overall vibe I get from these boards is that the yet-to-be-announced dates will likely be announced early next year/after the first slew of shows? I'm still holding out hope for a fall leg to be announced, as I likely won't be able to make any of the currently announced dates. I missed out on the Drones tour and I like to think my absence was somehow linked to the infamous technical difficulties that loomed over that tour.
  4. I was wondering when the initial enthusiasm for Blockades would begin recede a little. I like it quite a bit but I always like that one heavy, filler track. Almost as much as I always like the much maligned power pop song which bring us to GUAF, a song that I don't think I feel comfortable sharing my opinion on at this very moment. But let me just throw this out there: it's possible that my life is in such a valley that maybe, JUST MAYBE hearing someone tell me to "get up and fight" is exactly what I needed.
  5. Haven't heard the whole song yet (paid $50 for the Super Deluxe, so I'm going to stubbornly wait until next Wednesday ) but I heard the clip that was posted a few days ago and, as was my deepest darkest fear, I kinda enjoyed it. But as can be determined by my past with Big Freeze and Revolt, I clearly have a history with the big, dumb pop song of each album. To paraphrase Michael Scott: "Am I scared of GUAF? No. Every day weirdos pay dominatrixes hundred of dollars for that very privilege. I'm scared I'm gonna love it."
  6. Say, that's good to hear, as I currently can't make any of those dates. Still I'm not holding my breath for an NC show since they were here this year and last year. Still I dream...
  7. I think you might be right. Which is a shame. We haven't heard the entire album yet but it certainly SEEMS like a bit of a course correction compared to the last few records.
  8. Are the upcoming US dates likely to be in the spring also or should we expect them to be part of the fall leg? Also, and this is based solely on my past experience with other bands, is it likely that the new dates won't be announced for at least a couple months?
  9. The degree to which critics are underselling GUAF has me more excited for it than most of the other songs. And as an adamant Big Freeze/Revolt fan, I foresee this being one of those low-key favorites that I gang up on publicly but also play at full volume in my car after getting yelled at at work.
  10. I believe this is what the youths refer to as "shots fired".
  11. My "Guiding Light/Aftermath" senses are tingling. And with the Tove Lo feat. news, maybe a little bit of a poppy "Fight Song" vibe. TBH I have a feeling deep in my gut that this is going to be a guilty pleasure song for me a la Big Freeze and Revolt.
  12. Well hello there! Fingers crossed that the band makes its way through NC again, though I wouldn't blame them since they've been here the past 2 years. But the sounds good! I just want to get the tix$ altogether in time to get the pre-sale! Tryna get some of dem gucci seats this time!
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