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10 - Cave / Hate This & I'll Love You


Hate This & I'll Love You


I'm more saddened by the lack of Hyper Chondriac Music, Cave and Hate This And I'll Love You :(


When you’re checking back through your old lists expecting naive nostalgia chuckles but realise you’ve actually been driving the Hate This train since day fucking 1.




Can I be officially recognised and titled as this song’s ambassador? It’s only right imho

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Might as well.


1. Butterflies & Hurricanes

2. Citizen Erased

3. Hate This and I'll Love You

4. Map of the Problematique

5. Megalomania

6. Stockholm Syndrome

7. Micro Cuts

8. Hoodoo

9. Showbiz

10. Take A Bow


Also see the next post!

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If it lightens the blow, you've pushed it a lot more than I have in recent years.






Gotta be up there with TAB, Map and Assassin for most loyalty from me, which is weird ‘cos I coulda sworn I only realised the greatness over the last 1/2 years. Feel a need to alter my campaign for COD live out of duty now.

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16 songs if we’re being pedantic :chuckle:


I personally wouldn’t have it in my top 10, but it’s great to see Con-Science in your list. An amazing and massively underrated song imo


Right, Exogenesis = 3 songs 😁 I love classical music, and I think Matt's voice is amazing with it...

Con-science is a jewel...his voice flows like a diamand... I love this song...

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After idk however many years, I think (whisper it) Bliss has finally been usurped as #1.

Guys, it’s PIB. The choon that started it all for me, which is the same reason I think I always forgot to give it credit. I think we all just need to recognise that it’s a masterpiece of hyper pop rock and the definition of lightning in a bottle. Literally perfect in every way.

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