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  1. My default ranking would be OoS Abso ST BHAR Drones Showbiz TR T2L, but I'm gonna refrain from casting my vote until I listen to all these albums again. OoS would most probably still be #1 though, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate every album they've made.
  2. It was probably Muscle Museum for me, many many many moons ago.
  3. I'm not a big fan of Blockades, it kind of oozes The Small Print feels for me (which is one of my least faves off Abso), but sure The Void would be #6 in my rank.
  4. Break It to Me, but Propaganda and Algorithm are absolute runner-ups. The Dark Side and Pressure trailing behind closely. (Literally the first 5 songs lol)
  5. I'm at a high for ST at the moment, you can expect more realistic ratings in a month or so.
  6. Wow people really don't like ST with a passion ay. I wasn't that big on the album at first either but it's grown on me tremendously. Maybe ranking it above Abso was a bit unjust but as of right now I think I prefer ST's highs (BITM - how fkn lit is this song, Propaganda, TDS, Algorithm, Pressure), to BH&R's (TAB, COD, KOC, Starlight). Even ST's lows which were singles (DD, Thought Contagion, Something Human) sounded so much better and cohesive when played with the rest of the album. It's only GUAF that hasn't really aged well with me. As for the ratings I gave, it's /10 among Muse's music and not music in general, i.e. Muse's top albums would naturally be 10/10. With hindsight, a perfect score for ST is probably a little overblown. If I were to revisit the ratings in another month, it would probably swap with Abso (9.5), but at the moment I'm still in a daze for ST, so I'm gonna enjoy it and replay the songs in the album until I can't stand it. Only then would I probably be able to judge it for what it really is
  7. Origin of Symmetry (10/10) Simulation Theory (10/10) Absolution (9.5/10) Black Holes and Revelations (9/10) Drones (9/10) Showbiz (8/10) The Resistance (8/10) The 2nd Law
  8. Still not able to rank the super deluxe of ST but here's my updated ranking of the 11 songs. Simulation Theory (2018) Break It to Me (10/10) Propaganda (10/10) Algorithm (10/10) The Dark Side (9/10) Pressure (9/10) The Void (9/10) Blockades (8/10) Get Up and Fight (8/10) Something Human (8/10) Thought Contagion (7/10) Dig Down (7/10)
  9. It's still very hard to rank ST cause they're all so good. It'd be next to impossible to rank the full super deluxe album, so I'll stick with the core 11 songs for now. Showbiz (1999) Showbiz (10/10) Hate This and I'll Love You (10/10) Muscle Museum (9/10) Escape (9/10) Sunburn (9/10) Uno (8/10) Cave (8/10) Fillip (7/10) Unintended (7/10) Falling Down (7/10) Sober (6/10) Overdue (5/10) Origin of Symmetry (2001) Citizen Erased (10/10) Bliss (10/10) Micro Cuts (10/10) Megalomania (9/10) Plug In Baby (9/10) New Born (9/10) Space Dementia (9/10) Darkshines (8/10) Hyper Music (8/10) Feeling Good (7/10) Screenager (6/10) Absolution (2003) Stockholm Syndrome (10/10) Hysteria (10/10) Falling Away with You (9/10) Sing for Absolution (9/10) Butterflies & Hurricanes (9/10) Ruled by Secrecy (8/10) Apocalypse Please (8/10) Thoughts of a Dying Atheist (8/10) Endlessly (8/10) Time is Running Out (7/10) Blackout (6/10) The Small Print (5/10) Black Holes and Revelations (2006) City of Delusion (10/10) Exo-Politics (10/10) Take a Bow (10/10) Starlight (9/10) Invincible (9/10) Hoodoo (8/10) Map of the Problematique (8/10) Knights of Cydonia (7/10) Supermassive Black Hole (7/10) Assassin (6/10) Soldier’s Poem (6/10) The Resistance (2009) MK Ultra (10/10) Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 3 (Redemption) (9/10) Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1 (Overture) (9/10) United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage) (9/10) Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 2 (Cross-Pollination) (8/10) Resistance (8/10) I Belong to You (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre a Ta Voix) (8/10) Guiding Light (7/10) Uprising (7/10) Unnatural Selection (6/10) Undisclosed Desires (6/10) The 2nd Law (2012) Survival (9/10) Madness (9/10) Big Freeze (9/10) Explorers (8/10) Supremacy (8/10) Panic Station (7/10) Liquid State (7/10) The 2nd Law: Isolated System (7/10) Animals (7/10) The 2nd Law: Unsustainable (6/10) Follow Me (5/10) Save Me (5/10) Drones (2015) Reapers (10/10) The Handler (10/10) Dead Inside (9/10) Revolt (9/10) The Globalist (8/10) Defector (8/10) Aftermath (8/10) Mercy (7/10) Psycho (6/10) Drones (5/10) Simulation Theory (2018) Propaganda (10/10) Pressure (10/10) Algorithm (9/10) The Dark Side (9/10) Something Human (8/10) The Void (8/10) Break It to Me (8/10) Blockades (8/10) Get Up and Fight (8/10) Dig Down (7/10) Thought Contagion (6.5/10)
  10. I like it better than DD, but it's still nothing pre-The Resistance. Feels like it could be a bonus filler track from BH&R, or (arguably) even worse, something off T2L.
  11. Like I said I based the options on the lowest rated in the other thread. TSP garnered a lower rank than RBS. And to those who said they don't feel "guilty" for liking a song that others don't like, let me direct you to the first line in my post: Perhaps calling it a "guilty pleasure" was not the best decision, so I apologize for that.
  12. Also known as "a song you find enjoyable that most people don't". Feel free to choose as many as you'd like, and add your own options by commenting. The options I prepared in the poll are songs that are considered weak (according to the Rate the Tracklists thread).
  13. Tbph I prefer the original version of the song (not acoustic) heaps. It's thrown carelessly into the EP of Feeling Good/Hyper Music – though to some degree I think it's very cool they stash the "better" version (IMHO) in a less mainstream release.
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