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Oh God this is hard!


I change my mind all the time... but let's say that for now it's:


1- Citizen Erased

2- Bliss

3- Knights of Cydonia

4- Showbiz

5- Map of The Problematic

6- MK-Ultra

7- Apocalypse Please

8- Megalomania

9- The Handler

10- Dead Star

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Worth updating mine




Hate This & I’ll Love You


Shine (Acoustic)

Citizen Erased

City Of Delusion

Dead Star

Take A Bow



Might be the first time Map’s ever missed out </3 Darkshines and Stockholm should really be right up there as well but, y’know, rules are rules



...and yes I realise I’ve slagged off CE a lot in recent years


Yay for Shine acoustic and Screenager!

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Updating mine after a good few years:


Ruled By Secrecy

Stockholm Syndrome

Map of the Problematique


Take A Bow

Muscle Museum



Butterflies and Hurricanes



Honourable mention to Madness for its final third, easily one of my favourite things the band has ever done.


I keep trying with HTAILY but it's yet properly click with me :(

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I'm finding it really hard to make a list. The songs that were with we during my most intense Muse-loving days feel special and I'm finding it really hard to replace them "just because".

Even if they sometimes feel a bit "worn-out", and I actually like some of the newer songs quite a bit. But what the hell, as of now:


-Muscle Museum

-Falling Down


-City of Delusion


-Stockholm Syndrome

-Supermassive Black Hole


-Dead Inside

-The Handler

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Top ten:


Stockholm Syndrome

Muscle Museum

Knights of Cydonia


Butterflies & Hurricanes

New Born



The Handler

Take A Bow


And an off-topic least favourite five for balance (ignoring some of the more questionable B-sides):


Dig Down


Undisclosed Desires



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