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Worst Muse album

Spectrum IV

Worst Muse album?  

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  1. 1. Worst Muse album?

    • Showbiz
    • Origin of Symmetry
    • Absolution
    • Black Holes & Revelations
    • The Resistance
    • The 2nd Law
    • Drones
    • Simulation Theory

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I can't decide. I didn't like drones. But I think that was because I was somehow disappointed that it wasn't heavier hahahaaaa. Straight away my brain clung to The Handler and Reapers and binned the rest. But

Listening back to a couple of tracks it's actually crispy as fuck and I don't know what I was thinking. So this is hard... Maybe Matt is right with his 'fans are 5 years behind' theory after all hahaha

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Tough. The 2nd Law is barely an album and most of it is awful, but it is at least memorably awful. Then there's Drones which is slightly less awful but so incredibly forgettable. I honestly struggle to remember what half the tracks even sound like.


It's a toss up, but I think I've got to go with The 2nd Law. I struggle to listen to the vast majority of it.

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I'm surprised there are votes for Showbiz. Sure, it's a step below their best albums, but not by much.


As a whole album it is the weakest for me. Yes,there are true gems on it like the title track, Sunburn, or Unintended but it just lacks a flow for me, I can't listen to half of the songs.

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Drones by far!


It has 2 songs I love (The Handler and DI) and I enjoy the odd listen to Repears but beyond a few fleeting moments in other songs, there is not much else to enjoy.


I hate the theme of the album, the artwork, it's just bleak.


T2L beats it by having Animals, Supremacy, Panic Station, Madness and a bigger collection of enjoyable moments throughout.


Both still way behind TR.

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Showbiz. There are a few really awesome songs like Showbiz, Cave and Escape, but some are really forgettable like Unintended, Overdue and the worst offender, Fillip. The 2nd law is bad as an album but I love every single song on that album and I dislike some on Showbiz, so it's a clear choice.

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For me, T2L absolutely defines 'forgettable'.


Showbiz fizzes with juvenile ideas and experiments - the less successful ones are inherently memorable on account of them being the avenues Muse rejected. They were vital to shaping the band's sound.


T2L merely emphasised experimentation for experimentation's sake is pisspoor. And that Muse excel when working within certain confines.

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