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  1. MAurelia

    Simulation Theory interviews/reviews

    We all know they won’t do an accoustic album. They love tech and big show with lasers, Murphs, robots, dancers and skulls!
  2. MAurelia

    Which is the best location to watch the show?

    I will see Muse in July (floor) so I’m wondering the same thing... Maybe in the middle we’ll have a good view or on Matt’s side.
  3. MAurelia

    Stand or sit when NOT @ GA???

    I was in a gig in Spain and I had a seat tickets. I was standing all the time like all the people around. Everyone danced and sang enjoying the moment.
  4. MAurelia

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    So if the band decided that the VIPs entered the floor at the same time as GA...I will get angry and I will ask for a refund.
  5. MAurelia

    Spanish Musers Thread

    Ya queda menos para julio. Bueno, si habéis visto fotos de los conciertos del nuevo tour...¿qué os está pareciendo? Pinta bastante bien. C
  6. MAurelia

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    So, did VIP’s with early access enter the floor at the same time as GA? It’s seems that VIPs enter the arena for early merchandising shopping and not for the floor. This is not what I wanted and I bought for. And yes, we are real fans and we bought VIPs tickets. We bought VIP tickets for the Drones Tour but seat tickets. This time we wanted another experience so we bought stand tickets. We are not as young as before so we thought the early access tickets were perfect for us. Now I am expecting the worse. I asked CID to ensure early entry into the gig I will attend and they told me that early access is granted and they will send me a mail with all the details a week before the gig. Fingers crossed! If not I will fight for a refund.
  7. A great interview! I totally agree with Matt!
  8. MAurelia

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    About the setlist: Eight songs of ST (Algorithm, The Dark Side, Pressure, Propaganda, Break it to me, Thought Contagion, Dig Down, Algorithm alternative version)—-This is really good for me because I like ST. I miss The Void in the setlist. Muse classical hits: PIB, TIRO, Uprising, KOC, Hysteria, Madness—-Maybe they should replace PIB for Bliss and Madness for Citizen erased. Pyscho—-It gives me energy so it should stay in the setlist. Songs that fit well with this Tour—-TAB and Unsustainable. Metal medley—-I would like to see Assassin live, the whole song. But I accept to see only a part if I can see parts of New Born, SS or the handler. Mercy——No comment. The handler is>>>>Mercy Starlight——With guitar, please. That’s all.
  9. MAurelia

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    I bought VIP tickets because I liked ‘the early access’ (and the lunch box, of course). So I will be very disappointed if I don’t get it. If it happened I would claim a refund of my money. I know that many of you hate the existence of VIP tickets so I am sorry to buy them.
  10. MAurelia

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    I don’t know what to expect. I don’t like actors on the stage. The band did it in the 2nd Law tour and it was just fine for me but not impressive. Maybe, it will go well with dancers. All the teaser look cool! Tonight we’ll see. All I need is guitar, piano and a good setlist.
  11. MAurelia

    Album Eight: Simulation Theory

    I know they are great and, of course, they don’t need a biilion views on You Tube to be greater. But I think they should enchant a younger audience to have more followers and endure more in the future imo. Anyway the only thing that really matters is that many people go to see them live.
  12. MAurelia

    Simulation Theory tour discussion

    Well I think the stage is amazing. I like when Matt becomes dramatic but...All I really need is seeing Matt playing more guitar and piano (more piano than previous tour). They definitely should rotate some songs. Yes, Madness and Uprising are the most popular songs but they don’t need to play them in every gig.
  13. MAurelia

    Message Board Software Change

    Back again! I logged in with my member password, not the forum password and I lost my profile picture. Anyway, I’m here. I missed you!
  14. MAurelia

    Album Eight: Simulation Theory

    I wonder why the Simulation Theory videos do not have more reproductions on YouTube. The vids are very good so I expected more viewers and more excitement for the album. I think there is no connection with teenagers, the main audience of YouTube and I don’t know why. ST album is really great, not one of the best, but it’s still great.