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    A lot, i like rock, pop, soul, funk, some jazz, bit of classical stuff..almost everything except german Schlager and country ;)
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    On Cd: Showbiz, OOS, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Bh&r, H.A.A.R.P., Resistance, T2L, Live in Rome, Drones, Simulation theory; Absolution DVD. on vinyl: OOS . Origin of Muse - boxset 😎
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    Vienna May 9 2016
    Graz, May 29 2019
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  1. If they play a new song tonight, .... April fool !! but I tried it ....
  2. For those who haven‘t seen it yet, it is in the mediathek of 3Sat again until March 29 😎👍 https://www.3sat.de/kultur/pop-around-the-clock/muse-102.html
  3. Yeah, would be great but I think he has other things to do and he is too shy .. but only my thoughts.
  4. If it isn‘t ready for a release by now, I believe we‘ll have to wait longer for it .. if it is ready, throw it out with a livestream, for a fee if necessary. Cinemas premiering it is impossible now. I think we need to be patient.
  5. I hope everyone is fine .... It‘s getting serious in Austria ... I hope every country in the world is going to realize that this pandemic is a serious problem and takes action immediately !! Wake up ! edit: forget about buying those damn tons of toiletpapers 🤦‍♀️
  6. The band can be happy that they‘re not on tour atm. In Austria no events over 100 people inside and 500 outside are allowed due to Corona virus .. until beginning of April. Italy is closed completely, maybe more countries will follow or already have, idk.
  7. They‘ll go to a RATM gig and will be inspired ... . . . . . dream a little dream ...
  8. They should be familiar with mad fans by now lol I‘m not laughing at you, but imagine such a scenario ...
  9. A friend of mine said the other day that the last album sounds not-finished .. 🤔 like rushed.
  10. I thought there‘d be more surrounding OOM . Interviews, at least one gig.. but it seems like they put it out to keep us interested while they are away .. but it failed big time with being sold out almost all the time 😞 btw, let‘s make this thread the „talking about Muse“ - thread ok? The Mods are gone anyway 😅 I remember such a thread before the release of Drones, it was packed! Good times 🤘🥳🥂
  11. I‘d love to have new music in autumn already, but realistically the first single could come out in spring 2021. Right? 😁 Somehow this tour ended too early, I thought they‘d do more festivals this year! I do miss them .. 😳
  12. Thank you, I’ll give it a go.
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