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    Fan since OOS, had a break, then since 2015 again ;)
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    Music, music, music
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    A lot, i like rock, pop, soul, funk, some jazz, bit of classical stuff..almost everything except german Schlager and country ;)
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    On Cd: Showbiz, OOS, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Bh&r, H.A.A.R.P., Resistance, T2L, Live in Rome, Drones, Simulation theory; Absolution DVD on vinyl: OOS
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    Vienna May 9 2016
    Graz, May 29 2019
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  1. Claudia O

    Austrian Muser Thread

    Lol hab grad den Anfang des Threads gelesen.. Soit ma leicht wida in Mundoart schreibn 😋
  2. Claudia O

    Simulation Theory interviews/reviews

    In a recent interview, can‘t remember which one, Chris said they‘ll maybe do an accoustic album when they are grey and old, or he said when they are in their 70‘s.. can‘t remember 😂 same with stripping back live?!
  3. Claudia O

    New Forum Members !

    Ok, I tried ...
  4. I used to skip Blackout on the album, back in 2003 when it was released. Years later I saw a live version, think it was at the Wembley - DVD and I was hooked! How on earth could I NOT have loved it in the first place!
  5. Claudia O

    New Forum Members !

    Hi! Welcome to the board, errm forum 😄 feel free to introduce yourself here, tell us your fav songs, gigs, experiences with the band .. cheers!
  6. Claudia O

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    i don‘t know it, sorry. I read this and several other tweets .. but I‘m trying to find it out. edit: apparently some guy from CID talked about this to some ppl in the vip-queue at yesterdays gig ..
  7. Claudia O

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    I read on Twitter that Muse did this move, letting VIP and GA in at the same time, but now decided to not do it anymore because some VIP‘s complained. .. guys, never sell Early Access - tickets again, problem solved (at least for the next tour)
  8. Claudia O

    Simulation Theory Tour Live gig discussion — spoiler friendly

    It‘s cool! I just wish he‘d play at more european dates !
  9. All of Tab! 😁 Volume turned up, the start is fantastic, then when Matt starts to sing! The bulid up, then the massive drums set in, the Queen-esque guitars and noises ! The dramatic ending ... and then, on the album, Starlight starts, that‘s‘s when I love Starlight! Live it isn‘t so good anymore 🤨
  10. Claudia O

    Simulation Theory Tour Live gig discussion — spoiler friendly

    I‘m no big fan of Propaganda but I love Something human, so I hope to get to hear the latter. On the other hand, maybe I‘d enjoy Propaganda live?
  11. Claudia O

    Message Board Software Change

    Finally 👍😁😎
  12. Claudia O

    VIP/CID - Early Entry Disaster woes

    Why can the top-tier VIPs get in earlier than the second-tier ones? Isn't this a two-class-VIP thing? I paid more than you, i get in earlier! This is crazy! 5 min aren't enough, why not 15 min or 20?