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  1. Sweater song 💞🤘😁
  2. The high pitched guitar solo that continues through the last chorus of Easily
  3. Yeah there were only 300 signatures on the petition. That's like... not even one front row.
  4. 🤣 And the second simulacrum of Matt Bellamy Well saved that man 😄
  5. But I can definitely angry react when I traipse all the way to Paris for a greatest hits gig and a week later they do a Montreux 🤣
  6. As I said to my mates the other day, I have been in my current tiny band for nearly 2 years, and in that time we've ditched 8 songs that we worked really hard on. We spent money practicing them and recording demos. People told us they liked them, one dude even requests one of them lol, but we can't play them now. We're just not into them. You can't yell at a band to play album tracks from 20 years ago. There are probably thousands of Muse songs that we'd all absolutely adore that will never see the light of day. Nobody can claim ownership of art like that. Literally, all we can do is take it (or leave it) for what it is.
  7. Yeah same. I would still hate it though
  8. So some people have been calling CID, and one person was told by someone there that the benefit of VIP was that you didn't have to queue. 🤣 Nope, just nope.
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