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  1. I voted for GUAF, but only because i forgot that Dig Down exists. It's the most boring song on the album by far, really only getting interesting when the solo starts. The Acoustic Gospel version is so much better. (As a sidenote, does anyone know if I can change my poll answer )
  2. Showbiz. There are a few really awesome songs like Showbiz, Cave and Escape, but some are really forgettable like Unintended, Overdue and the worst offender, Fillip. The 2nd law is bad as an album but I love every single song on that album and I dislike some on Showbiz, so it's a clear choice.
  3. 1. The Resistance (Favourite album of all time, love the classical stuff) 2. Simulation Theory/ Black Holes (Synths and classical music in the same album, and there's rock too? Sign me up!) 3. Absolution (Fantastic album, every song is great, except for The Small Print) 4. Origin of Symmetry (again, fantastic album, great songs, just don't enjoy it as much as the others) 5. The 2nd Law (It doesn't really work as well as an album as the rest of them, but the songs are great, especially Follow Me, Liquid state and Unsustainable) 6. Drones (The Handler, Dead Inside and Defector lifts this album from last place, but the chorus of Aftermath and the missed opportunity of The Globalist prevents it from being higher.) 7. Showbiz (Again, has some real bangers, like Showbiz, Falling down and Uno, but also has some lows like Fillip and Overdue.)
  4. I think I love the song, I'm not quite sure yet. All I know is the chorus reminds me of the chorus on Plug in Baby and some of the bass reminds me of Crying Shame or Do We Need This?.
  5. The lyrics to Endlessly. It seems nothing is ever gonna happen, but I'll still love them all the same.
  6. Whenever I listen to Muscle Museum, i always hear a piano playing along with the bass after the guitar kicks in. Am I the only one who hears this?
  7. I'm reading through this thread, and people don't seem to like Feeling good that much. Why is that? It's one of my favourites.
  8. I have a question. Are you supposed to get a code for a free Drones album with the tickets to a Drones concert? I bought tickets for the show in Stockholm but I haven't gotten anything about it yet. Can anyone help?
  9. When I listen to Dead inside, I always hear " A Crane in the sky" instead of "the greatest guy" and it's really bugging me!
  10. Hi everyone. So me and my brother bough tickets to the concert at Ericksson Globe June 11, and we recieved news that we were going to get a free album with the purchase. We haven't gotten any words about how we are going to get it though. Has anyone gotten this with the ticket?
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