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  1. It was pretty widely held during the busier days of this board that Pink Ego Box was the worst Muse song. I thought so too. I listened to it today and...no way is it the worst. It's kinda weird and spacious, sure, that weird jumpy rhythm...it's kinda all over the place. "My heart is feeling pain" might win an award for worst delivery of a line in a Muse song. But the guitars really crunch when the chorus comes in. The theme of the song and the straightforward way it's conveyed...strikes me as weirdly prophetic now that PC music etc. is a thing. It's earnest and gets that 'early Muse pass' for me, it sounds immature but passionate. It's not bland. Not great, maybe not even good, but they've made worse.
  2. Reminds me of Map most actually.
  3. My only party horn and it ain't even real! :LOL: Thank you!

  4. Oh herro! :) I'm well, I had a good Christmas, got a shiny new ipod with plenty of much needed space and I'm just making good use of my free time atm by playing lots of games etc. What's up with you?

  5. Yo! Thanks for the track! It is relevant to my interests, as it is japanese and loud and offbeat and well, interesting. :happy: Think I shall look into them a bit more.


    I am well, just seeing recently if I can post a bit more and get to know the board again, I've not been a regular for some time... :)


    Have something somewhat similar.



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