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  1. I always enjoyed Something human, and the second version is Yes, Dark side second version is amazing ! I recently watched the ST movie again, and I very much enjoyed Algorithm alternate version, but for me both versions are wonderfull, I couldn‘t decide (but I still cringe about the story of the film, Matt saving the world ... 🙄) but ok.
  2. Take a bow Starlight - Matt playing guitar all the way through, green lasers 😎 Newborn Bliss SMBH Psycho Citizen erased Space dementia Sunburn Uno Butterflies &hurricanes Algorhytm Dark side The Void Reapers The handler Stockholme syndrome
  3. It‘s Muse-related, so I post those sad news here ....
  4. Date: 01-01-21 Time: 2:00 a.m. CET yesssssssss 🥳👏😁😎
  5. At my gig inGraz, standing in the second row to barrier, I realized that Matt and Chris „look over“ the heads of the first few rows.. di you know what I mean? I know they are not very talkative during gigs, but it‘s like they were blinded or focused on something in the distance, or distracted by the script of the show, maybe it‘s just me who thought this was a bit strange. Maybe I‘m used to interact with the band members from other bands?!
  6. Everyone gone silent on Twitter, Instagram as well .... but Chris recently posted a photo of his youngest lovely daughter 🤗 it‘s special when he posts as he rarely does it 😁
  7. I‘m sure they‘ll find a way with jamming, won‘t be the exactly same feeling than really together in one room tough ...
  8. Why should Chris be excluded? pretty sue it will be rock again.
  9. Haven‘t watched the series but saw the Endlessly-clip 👍
  10. Die Hoffnung stirbt nie ... aber ich glaub eher nicht 😖 Vielleicht kaufen nicht viele die Boxsets, und sie überlegen es sich nochmal.
  11. Haven‘t watched them in a long time, so I couldn‘t tell. I enjoyed it all a lot, but now I wanna got to a Muse-gig 😬 Great to see you all back here, even only for now I guess ....
  12. Oh yes, gonna watch it tonight 👍 I had to read the songs ... but we already got Fury and Megalomania from this concert, right? Nice to watch it again, plus Bliss, KOC without the intro ...
  13. Hi! @muse samuse have you got statistics about the sales/streaming of the Jaded Hearts Club - album 😬
  14. Thank you, I know what you mean 🙃 but in this song it is not „scary“ but arousing 🤗
  15. The album will be out soon! so far my fave songs are , in no particular order: This love stuffed heart of mine I put a spell on you We‘ll meet again Btw, here‘s the great interview again https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/jaded-hearts-club-interview-matt-bellamy-b515732.html plus: the band will be at „The late late show with James Corden“ on October 5 😎
  16. yes, they are good ! What a shame the tour couldn‘t take place, and I still wish they‘d come to Austria one day. We got loads of tiny clubs 😅
  17. Here in Austria you can buy them at a drugstore or at a tobacco shop as well. but ... it‘s back on youtube, just in case ....
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