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  1. Ah, it‘s back 😁 threads absolutely nobody needs ………….
  2. Anybody knows what happened?? It says Service unavailable 😕😕😖
  3. I see it like these are for musicians who can afford them, or sell their other stuff for it 😅 no, I‘m no musician myself, but I’d say if you are and want this guitar, you calculate … or spend the next months living on the edge, or … Idk … there‘ll be cheaper ones next year, I read. ..
  4. If you keep it in a good balance it‘s ok. Spending your whole sparetime on the phone or tablet is the worst thing, life passes by unnoticed then…
  5. We‘ll see 😉 but I think it‘s just a new Delorian guitar.
  6. Only a „new“ guitar on the way? The fact that Matt and not Muse posted it means yes, I guess 🤔 A new Halloween song maybe 😱
  7. Wow! I already own this wonderful boxset, but I wasn‘t aware how much it is worth by now, or how much it is being sold for! Your offer is quite „cheap“ so I hope you can sell it to a Muser, fingers crossed! 👍😎
  8. Hm as I‘m optimistic 🤪 .. they release new guitars quite regularly, with new photos of the guitars with Matt, or press interviews etc. To link a release-only with the Back to the future-reference ( yes, I know, the car Delorean) seems quite special! But we‘ll see.
  9. What is this all about 🤔 https://www.instagram.com/p/CU43UyxgBIQ/?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.instagram.com/p/CU-q4jvA6sT/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  10. Listen (lovely interview with Morgan) https://m.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/alice-in-londonland-23092021/ near the end … tiny album news …. 😏
  11. Claudia O

    Muse in VR

    Talking to myself here ok … now I know how it works! It always starts at 8 p.m. (or 7 🤔) in the timezones … I missed the start today but def gonna watch it next time 🤩 it‘s coooool! I made some screenshots 😅 wanna see one? Ok.
  12. Claudia O

    Muse in VR

    So nobody here watched it, really?? 🤨
  13. Claudia O

    Muse in VR

    Installed it, looks good but …. it‘d be at 1 a.m. for me? No thanks… why not every 3 hours so everyone could watch it! 🤦‍♀️😖
  14. Claudia O

    Muse in VR

    interesting … http://www.stageverse.com/muse
  15. Ok, I dodn‘t know it‘s an old Folksong 😨 just googled it
  16. Yes, exactly. Same goes with Bridge over troubled water … or Sound of silence … but I prefer f.e. Joe Cockers version of „ With a little help from my friends“ to the original by The Beatles 😏
  17. If I get to know the tiniest snipped on Twitta or Insta I‘ll let you know 😏 don‘t worry I‘ll post it somewhere hereeee 🥳
  18. Thank you 😁 I wonder why they played Sing for absolution and Invinsible lower so early after its release ! Maybe Matt should have started writing in a lower key, well now he does … How to describe a Muser 😅
  19. It got re-released on the Warchild-compilation „1 love“ ok. Never heard it before … but I think Muse butchered this song, sorry. Yeah, it‘s cool when Matt screams the lyrics. Yes, they made a shorter version of it, so made it their own. But I love the original, it‘s a masterpiece. Those high-hats are so high, in general it sounds so thin 😖 but! I‘d love to hear their version live now, with Matts lower vocals, more warmth to it, more richer in the sound 🤩 maybe I‘d like it then. your opinions?
  20. Ave Maria during Blackout? Never heard of that! Interesting! 🙂 thx! just watched it … btw I prefer Matt playing guitar, but he could have belted Ave Maria… but this way if fitted the song. But just imagine …. 🤩
  21. Ok let‘s say definately next year ok? 💪👍
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