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    Birmingham Arena gig

    Oh! Sorry, I thought it is part of the show now 😞 Yeah, I heard the rumour about Blockades 😜
  2. Claudia O

    Birmingham Arena gig

    Not from Birmingham, The Void is missing on this list 😉
  3. Fingers crossed we‘ll get a proshot of The Void soon!
  4. aaand ... the moaners are back. Go on, let it all out, when you‘re finished we can hopefully can get back to the excitement ABOUT THIS GREAT RELEASE !!! thx
  5. Oh, I have to say I bought a nice-price-version of OOS, not when it came out back then. Usually they are not in the same quality then ... on vinyl I heard instrumental parts and bits I couldn‘t hear on the CD 😏
  6. I‘m no audio tech either but when I listen to it on my stereo with superb and big boxes, it sounds fine to me! When I listen to Origin or Showbiz, or Absolution 🤯 Resistance, T2l and Drones are sounding great, parts of ST too. I bought OOS on heavyweight vinyl, what a difference to the CD! I was about to buy Absolution too, might do so soon.
  7. What do you not like on Black holes then? Tell me. today the tour continues, 20 yrs ago today Showbiz was released. They announce the release of Origin of Muse today. What if ... they will perform more from those albums tonight and from now on, on this tour? Wishful thinking yes.
  8. Where is the rest of us? Such great news !!
  9. No, Black holes sounds alright for me, but Absolution ... hurts my ears sometimes! yes! Who knows! but this time they could do a full tour with it, not only UK, France and maybe Germany! Small stage with some lights, back to the roots, smaller venues et voila! 😎
  10. Next remaster Absolution, please 😆😎 But there is no video footage right? ....
  11. It‘s official! Looks really beautiful and interesting! I am happy that they remastered Showbiz and OOS and the live versions and to actally own the demos and and ... 🤯
  12. Hm .. the next part of the tour is near and BAM! some tiny activity here! 😁
  13. Well, Origin of Muse is coming soon anyway 😜
  14. I wanted to listen to Popcorn, but it‘s not on Spotify anymore, wasn‘t it a b-side of USOE ? This is missing there as well ... 🤨
  15. Hoping with the release of „Origin of Muse“ the enthusiasm comes back here 😆😁👍 trying to stay positive ... it is a hard thing to do ..
  16. Yeah I know , I used to sell CD‘s and DVD‘s and VHS and know everybody loves to release music and movies before christmas 😅
  17. It should have been released 2 years ago, right? Now Matt says maybe for x-mas, but he often says things and then it doesn‘t happen ...
  18. I got loads of CD‘s from the 90‘s all work 🙂 maybe one or 2 from the 80‘s and they work. This was a fairytale back then that after 30 years all CDs will be useless haha 🤪
  19. Matt mentioned a possible release of Origin of Muse for x-mas on Instagram, answering a fan. Or next year ....
  20. Well, i‘d say if it says „Promo - not for sale“ but still got the record company mentioned, the copyright etc. it should be official.
  21. I think it won‘t change that much, but maybe they‘ll add Something human again. Has anyone talked to them in person about The Void or Blockades, why they are missing in the set? Maybe the stars don‘t aling to play them live, like with Defector last tour 🤨🙄 but at least they tried it with Defector! More important question: Matt mentioned a possible release of Origin of Muse for x-mas, answering a fan on Instagram. There’s nothing planned gig-wise after South America ... maybe we‘ll get a mini-OOS-tour ... I saw it mentioned on Twitter, but it‘s only speculation. In the end we‘ll get no release this year .... pffff
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