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  1. The Dark Side Loved that song from the first listen and it's top 20 quality, pushing top 10.
  2. Drones by far! It has 2 songs I love (The Handler and DI) and I enjoy the odd listen to Repears but beyond a few fleeting moments in other songs, there is not much else to enjoy. I hate the theme of the album, the artwork, it's just bleak. T2L beats it by having Animals, Supremacy, Panic Station, Madness and a bigger collection of enjoyable moments throughout. Both still way behind TR.
  3. Instead of playing shortened versions, I think I'd rather them just stick a couple of heavy riffs on the end of a few songs. Newborn then Dead Star & Micro Cuts Stockholm Syndrome then Reapers & Agitated
  4. I'm liking the love being shown for Overture Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure we got 15 second snippets of the Resistance songs before album release, then got 30 second versions a couple of days later? Either way, I've never been so drawn to a song based on a small clip as much as I have with Overture. When I heard the full song I was completely blown away. Still no idea what Matt is singing tho but it sounds so good.
  5. Individually I love Overture, MK Ultra and bits of other songs, but the blandess of the album just puts me off. I Belong To You is one of their worst efforts and the first 2 songs are way too long and a slog to get through. Still better than Drones tho as the highs are really really really good.
  6. There are not many faults on this album but with the band stripping away the extra fluff and prog-rock tendancies to make tight tracks, songs like Pressure, TC and Blockades (still love it) are possibly worse off.
  7. There are so many layers and aspects of this song to enjoy. I love how Matt delivers a different vocal tone for each chorus. The soft strings, the ominous synths and drums, beautiful piano and those wub wubs. Just a brilliant song and the acoustic version is equally great. It's getting up there with Exo:Overture as my favourite slow muse song.
  8. Now that ST has sunk in. Showbiz - OoS - Absolution - BHAR - TR - T2L - Drones - ST - B Sides Epic, wonderful, their best work: Showbiz Sunburn New Born Citizen Erased Bliss Stockholm Syndrome Map of the Problematique Take a Bow Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 1 (Overture) Animals The Handler Dead Inside The Dark Side Great: Muscle Museum Cave Unintended Micro Cuts Plug In Baby Darkshines Sing for Absolution Ruled by Secrecy Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes Falling Away With You Apocalypse Please Hysteria Knights of Cydonia Assassin City of Delusion Supermassive Black Hole Hoodoo MK Ultra Unnatural Selection Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 3 (Redemption) Panic Station Supremacy Madness Reapers Algorithm Propaganda Blockades The Void Recess Dead Star Futurism Good: Falling Down Hate This and I'll Love You Uno Space Dementia Megalomania Hyper Music Time is Running Out The Small Print Starlight Invincible United States of Eurasia Undisclosed Desires Uprising Survival 2nd Law - Unsustainable Aftermath Defector Pressure Break it to Me Thought Contagion Get Up and Fight In Your World Fury Glorious Okay: Escape Overdue Fillip Screenager Feeling Good Endlessly Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Exo-Politics Soldier's Poem Resistance Guiding Light Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 2 (Cross-Pollination) Big Freeze Liquid State Follow Me 2nd Law - Isolated System Psycho The Globalist Mercy Something Human Dig Down Shrinking Universe Con Science Easily Poor: Sober I Belong to You Explorers Save Me Revolt Drones
  9. 1. The Dark Side 2. Blockades 3. The Void 4. Algorithm 5. Propaganda 6. Break it to Me 7. Thought Contagion 8. Pressure 9. Get Up And Fight 10 Dig Down 11. Something Human
  10. I actually don't mind this song. I think it's saved by being relatively short. It doesn't feel like I have to slog my way through it like some of the other efforts that go on way too long.
  11. I'm already confident that I will be having repeat listens of TDS, The Void, Blockades and Algorithm 3 or 4 years down the line. Those 4 collectively are stronger than my favourite four songs off any of the previous 3 albums.
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