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  1. Holy shit are they going to play all their worst songs
  2. Album release party and they'll play like 2 or 3 songs songs from ST Sound good though, especially the guitar.
  3. They will cancel this show or move it to an arena.
  4. Some of the alternate version songs are as good or even better than the original ones, personally i find Algorithm alternate version way better (not that the original is bad). Also I feel like TDS and The Void alternate versions are different songs from their respective "original" versions, it's hard to think of them as the same song.
  5. I think other than Japan and South Korea it's not likely they go anywhere else in Asia. Also Matt said they'll be touring South America in the fall of 2019.
  6. What a weird fucking album. Some class songs in there like The Dark Side, Pressure or The Void, and others i would hardly qualify as music such as Propaganda or Get Up and Fight. The Dark Side's alternate reality version is Radiohead but better. Both version are a 10/10.
  7. Yeah but it's still 60k people, that's like 4 Staples Center shows. Don't think they can do that.
  8. Maybe a football stadium (soccer) but not a big stadium. Something like StubHub center in LA for exemple.
  9. We can't really complain about ticket prices for their shows. Metallica charges 95€ for their stadium shows, Ed Sheeran 73€.
  10. Yes it's a full show. Tickets are at 5€ if anyone is intestered, although the presale sold out in seconds and that was already 15k people.
  11. Muse will play November 3rd at San Mames stadium in Bilbao for some MTV event. I heard it will be cold...
  12. Iron Maiden, GNR and Bruno Mars already played the Wanda Metropolitano while Ed Sheeran is booked for next year, it's more likely to be there than the Mad Cool site imo. When they played Finland in 2013 it was half empty, and in Norway they had booked the Ullevaal Stadion but had to change it to Telenor Arena probably due to low sales.
  13. Riga will be Lucavsala Island. RHCP, FF and Ed Sheeran recently played / will play there.
  14. Well it's going to be easy to buy tickets for that Germany show I'm surprised they picked Lisbon again after they just played RIR this year, i thought it was going to be Porto like in 2013. Anyway it's not going to be NOS Alive but Estadio da Luz instead (Ed Sheeran is playing there too). As for Madrid it's going to be Wanda Metropolitano and not Mad Cool simply because they can make a sold out there with their own stadium show. Don't think they can sell out stadiums in Denmark,Sweden,Norway,Finland,Scotland or Ireland.
  15. This sounds great. Good show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cHDULauFkM&feature=push-fr&attr_tag=FL2AdiAw0R7siS7Q-6
  16. Matt's having fun tonight
  17. Gotta admit Thought Contagion sounds pretty good live.
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