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  1. At this point, I'm just hoping that the "performers" are not farcical enough to draw unintended laughter from the audience. I'm kinda shaking my head already.
  2. I'd snip that run of songs at Defector but otherwise totally agree with you. Unfortunate though about the steep dropoff over the final third of the album.
  3. The past 4 albums each have their fair share of remarkably lousy songs. I'd say that at least a quarter of each album is downright cringeworthy. That said, the best songs from TR, T2L and Drones are far superior to anything on ST.
  4. I decided to give Simulation Theory another listen today after completely avoiding it for the past 3 weeks. I was hoping for an "absence makes the heart grow fonder" moment. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. About a minute into Pressure, I was ready to shut it down but I plowed ahead temporarily. Had to skip Propaganda shortly in because it's horrible. I'm assuming that SH, TC, GUAF and Blockades all played but they were as dull and forgettable as previously suspected. Skipped Dig Down (see Propaganda). The Void definitely happened. This album just strikes me as cold, sterile and processed. The only song that breaks that mold is BITM but it's really not very good either. Mostly just irritatingly clangs and plods along. As much as I dislike Simulation Theory, I'd still say that it's generally better than much of the other rubbish posing as modern rock these days. So there's that...
  5. Sure, why not? I mean, if Weezer can revive Africa... let's bring back the 80's.
  6. If I heard anything from Showbiz or Origin when those songs were current, I certainly don't remember it. It's not like those albums received much attention over here. Obviously, bands in that era were still pretty much dependent on radio or MTV for exposure. I probably didn't hear Muse with any regularity until TIRO and/or Hysteria.
  7. Didn't they announce Walk the Moon supporting some of the American dates? I don't know anything about them but I suppose their UK openers would be somewhat comparable.
  8. Anyone who ever does software updates: "Hold my beer."
  9. Unfortunately, Muse have released some solid challengers for this competition in the past 10 years.
  10. Given the massive headstart for Dig Down on everybody's shit list, Get Up And Fight has performed (underperformed?) admirably. Fair play to GUAF. Hatred of Dig Down may be tempered by the widely held sentiment that the alternate version provides marginal redemption for the album version.
  11. Yeah, maybe in a structural sense but not with respect to specific songs. I'd prefer some variety but I wouldn't complain that a band didn't play songs X, Y or Z. It's just a bit disappointing when you can predict 90% of the set before the tour even starts. Again, I wasn't trying to turn THIS topic into THAT topic. Merry Christmas, Muse. Cool Christmas gift.
  12. I wouldn't presume to pick a "perfect setlist" because I'm really not that fussy. Just being less predictable is good enough. Few songs off the latest album, of course. Handful of hits. Some oldies. Try to acknowledge each album and throw in something unexpected for long-time fans. Maybe a cover specific to the site of the concert to pay tribute to the audience. The specific songs are less important than simply hitting the right notes (literally and figuratively) throughout the show.
  13. If they love playing the same 20 or so songs over the course of a year-long tour, then that's their prerogative of course. Sounds monotonous as hell to me. God forbid they should remind/inform fans that they have a back catalogue. <officially ceases beating the dead horse this time> Merry Christmas, Musers!
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