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  1. It was pretty widely held during the busier days of this board that Pink Ego Box was the worst Muse song. I thought so too. I listened to it today and...no way is it the worst. It's kinda weird and spacious, sure, that weird jumpy rhythm...it's kinda all over the place. "My heart is feeling pain" might win an award for worst delivery of a line in a Muse song. But the guitars really crunch when the chorus comes in. The theme of the song and the straightforward way it's conveyed...strikes me as weirdly prophetic now that PC music etc. is a thing. It's earnest and gets that 'early Muse pass' for me, it sounds immature but passionate. It's not bland. Not great, maybe not even good, but they've made worse.
  2. Reminds me of Map most actually.
  3. briirrr bwom bwom bwom. briiirr bwom bwom bwom break it to me brirr bwom bwom bwom bwom brirr bwom bwom bwom don't chase it up and don't beataroundthebush and no dunununu and don't dodododo just keep it inside and make another thing no dumbing it down don't fake it just break it to me brirr bwom bwom bwom etc
  4. T2L. Of all their albums it just seems the most aimless by far. I kinda like Madness, Big Freeze and Isolated System but only Panic Station and Animals come close to being among my favourites. Survival and Unsustainable strike me as desperate. The rest is so boring.
  5. I've been to 3 Muse gigs. Showbiz Unintended Uno Origin of Symmetry New Born x2 Feeling Good x2 Space Dementia Bliss Plug In Baby x3 Hyper Music Absolution Hysteria x3 Butterflies & Hurricanes Time is Running Out x3 Stockholm Syndrome x3 Black Holes and Revelations Map of the Problematique x2 Supermassive Black Hole x3 Invincible Take A Bow Starlight x2 Knights of Cydonia x3 The Resistance Uprising x2 Resistance Guiding Light United States of Eurasia Undisclosed Desires Unnatural Selection x2 Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) The 2nd Law Animals Drones Psycho (debut performance) Reapers (debut performance) Non-Album Agitated Dead Star Fury Nishe “Drum and Bass” “Helsinki Jam”
  6. Aw, that's a shame. I came away from that song thinking I wouldn't mind if Muse made a whole album in that classic rock vein. The style just seemed to fit their over-the-top style and technical ability like a glove.
  7. As I'm studying Japanese, I'm finding the lyric translation they've provided interesting.
  8. That's pretty bad but sadly not an isolated case. A lot of Japanese young people do not recognise the Nazi swastika and thus did not really understand when people started getting offended when confusing it with this otherwise unrelated symbol - 卍. Makes more sense since Japan was with the Axis powers but...uh you'd think they of all people wouldn't want the same mistakes of WW2 happening again...
  9. Oh fuck it was me that called you a pleb! That was a joke. I was insulting you for not knowing about a Pussycat Dolls song. On a rock forum I'd hoped you would appreciate the ironic humour.
  10. And this is the kind of comment that makes you sound like a troll. Sorry, that was just an observation.
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