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The intimate Manchester Academy Muse show, card machine on the door, the receipt was your ticket ;)


They did the same thing with a card reader on the Psycho Tour iirc, but I don't remember it printing out tickets. Just that they verified it and let you in.


Edit: Guess I'm wrong.


Clearly I have a poor memory then as I was at the Brighton show! :LOL:


1 minute, good luck guys.

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Was on the site at 9 and pressed buy tickets after about 10 seconds... already gone!


Getting proper pissed off trying to buy tickets to watch my favourite band now. It's completely down to the lap of the gods. Shouldn't be this hard or stressful.


Anyway for those of u lucky enough to be going... enjoy!

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Yup. Saw Royal Blood in Leicester recently and my card was put into a machiney thing by the door staff. I nearly shat myself because it didn't work twice, but then they got another machine and it worked and spat out my tickets THANK GOD.


This is my worst nightmare since my card is about to give upp... I will probably have to get a new card before the gig so... What the hell do I do?

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