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  1. To be fair, Dom is meant to be “triggering” the vocals with his voice, not actually singing...obviously. Although I cynically assume Dom’s voice does diddly squat.
  2. Yeah, exactly. I’m under no illusions that the vocal had been extensively polished, that’s to be expected. But to suggest they replaced whole sections with studio vocals, when there was no evidence of it is misleading for those who haven’t seen it.
  3. I questioned that person on reddit, I’m calling bullshit on completely layering in studio vocals. At most they’d pick and choose vocals across different performances if Matt cocked up at certain points. Personally it sounded live to me, obviously overproduced to fuck though...to be expected.
  4. musedan


    Yeah maybe, it stands out like a sore thumb every time I listen to it now.
  5. musedan


    After listening again a few times I can't see how it would be the falsetto, it sounds like "Huh-huh" or "Huh-buh".
  6. musedan


    Something's been bugging me for a while now and I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned it. During both choruses, I can hear something hidden in the track that sounds out of place...it kind of sounds like Matt laughing. I can hear it at 1:21 and 2:18. Has anyone else heard this? Forgive me if this is old news!
  7. just about to fly back to Manchester so thought I'd drop in. SBE was the best night of my life so Vital was always going to have to go some to come close. Assassin and bliss were of course fantastic. Even Psycho was a highlight, due to the crowd loving it. But that run after New Born just killed the whole vibe. I know I shouldn't be complaining after being present at SBE, but that, along with Assassin early on got my hopes up. As a whole they seemed lethargic, on autopilot. To be honest, the 2nd half was just plain boring. The two idiots behind me talking throughout the first half of TaB even managed to put a downer on that, they were hardcore Muse fans too, could tell from hearing their conversation. Anyway, it's been a good week travelling around the UK, and feel so lucky to have been at SBE, maybe I would have felt different about last night if the SBE gig never happened but thank god it did!
  8. Just watching a clip of Showbiz back, and holy fuck, Matt rolled back the years - I've not seen/heard him put that much effort into a vocal in years.
  9. Just woke up. What a night. Was in level 2 in the wings with a great view, probably wouldn't have even swapped it for standing. Highlights: Assassin into Dead Star was incredible Showbiz - Matt surpassed my expectations vocally Muscle Museum, again Matt did better than I thought he would with the last part. Too Many Puppies into Futurism - for a moment I thought they were gonna whack out a full cover. All in all, easily the best muse gig I've been to, no doubt Belfast will be a crock of shit on Wednesday 😊
  10. Just arrived in London, will be heading to queue at about 5:45. In level 2 and not too sure what that means or what my view will be like but at 6 foot 5 I'm guessing it will be okay!
  11. Also, you can't assume everyone that voted on day one will be aware of the list change. All voters won't be lurking here or reading Reddit, many will be settled on the fact they've submitted their vote. That's why I think a mass email is the next logical step to make everyone aware of what's happened. Even if it's just to let attendees know they can email to request a change. Not emailing and relying on twitter responses is ridiculous.
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