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    Northern lass with a little northern lass who can't wait to go see a gig when she's old enough.
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    In between Mancs and L/Pool
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    P/t lots of things.
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    Anything Lars von Trier, Paul Thomas Anderson, Cameron Crowe, Kubrick.
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    True Blood, Inbetweeners, The Apprentice.
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    American Psycho, Dorian Gray, Great Apes, How the Dead Live.
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    Etihad 2013
    Manchester Academy 2015
    Birmingham Arena 2016
    Manchester Arena 2016
    Manchester Arena 2016
    Hamburg Arena 2016
    Shepherds Bush Empire 2017
    Belfast T Vital 2017
    Leeds Festival 2017
    Reading Festival 2017
    La Cigale Paris 2018
    Rock in Rio Lisbon 2018
    RAH 2018
    ST London 2019
    ST Bristol 2019
    ST Manchester 2019
    ST Krakow 2019
    ST Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 2019

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  1. I'll be attending with my friend. Coming over from the UK.
  2. Anyone else getting a 404 error when clicking through the ticket link to Ziggo Dome?
  3. The link is there, but appears to be broken. Getting nervous now.
  4. My knights tattoo. Just done, so please excuse the redness!
  5. The vote closes on the 20th... These are my thoughts exactly.
  6. You had to put the names of both ticket holders in. So doubtful plus 1s will come up.
  7. Try using a different browser. I'm on the box office landing page by using Explorer instead of Chrome.
  8. Not once have I been directed to the box office site! This is going to be carnage!
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