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  1. One more spoiler though. How does Reading 2011 sound?
  2. Wait, so Earthquake and Connect The Kettle Lead are not Forameus and Falling With The Crowd? Makes me both sad and excited in that case...
  3. Totally agree with Clunge. Same goes with acoustic Something Human. Not the delivery but the vocals are a bit too processed so it feels a bit disconnected from the acoustics, especially in the beginning.
  4. So what do we reckon is the order for the videos? I haven't watched the videos enough but I guess Algorithm goes into Pressure, then Thought Contagion? The Dark Side comes right after Something Human I guess but where is Dig Down and Break It To Me in all this?
  5. Terry Crews as Bernard in the video amused me quite a bit
  6. To be fair, hasn't Matt always written quite emotional songs but covered them with conceptual faff? Drones for example, seems to me like trying to come to terms with a rather controlling relationship, which is the only reason I connected to songs like Dead Inside and The Handler Map of the Problematique as well, with singing about Gaia but referring to what might become (and then became) an economic crisis and how to handle the aftermath. But maybe I'm just reading way too much into it
  7. This 80's retro Thriller vibe makes the mid-life crisis shine through Has anyone mentioned the music video to Gorillaz's 'Stylo' yet? I guess Chris has become Bruce Willis. Jokes aside, I quite like the song, although I feel some details are a bit off, (too big of a jump in singing style between verses one and too, the synth in the chorus a bit too forefront and so on, which makes it a bit incoherent imo) but in terms of the album as a whole it seems it will fit quite well. And as long as we get an acoustic version, which it seems, I'm all ears!
  8. Also, I accidentally laughed out loud in the theatre when Prelude got on as some epic - well - prelude to Starlight. It felt even more trolly than live since it basically was the studio version in studio version quality
  9. I heard a lot of 'mistakes' in this release compared to Rome. It felt as they left some of it be for the whole rock live feeling they loved talking about during the tour. I'm glad they did tbh, but some songs were not their best performances (read: The Handler). I'm really happy about the pro audio of Vuilstaamen riff though. It was the best part of the whole thing
  10. To be honest, casual fans (or less) don't know all the songs they play anyway.
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