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  1. Why didn’t they just play Stockholm, Assassin and Dead Star in full during the medley? Must be about the same time right?
  2. We pretty much got that in 2011
  3. Belgium wasn’t on the list but Werchter got announced. Denmark and Sweden aren’t on the list but Roskilde and Lolla are the same weekend as Werchter... hmm
  4. Lollapalooza in Stockholm sounds plausible? June 28th -29th Edit: Werchter the same weekend so it might fit the schedule
  5. Now I want a acoustic session. Kinda like Biffy has done when they promote a new album.
  6. While we are on the vocals. Sounded like they tried to hide Matts falsettos by lowering them in the mix on Thw Handler and adding crowd singing in Madness
  7. Was kinda meh. The amount of cutting ruined it for me.
  8. How about a single or a trailer like Biffys unplugged so we know what to expect?
  9. "Showbiz",364, "Muscle Museum" "Space Dementia",252 "New Born",197 "Bliss",191 "Eternally Missed",191 "Assassin",163, "Dead Star",163 "Plug In Baby",161 "Sing For Absolution",152 Played 8 of the top 10, plus the online vote ones” So they played PiB but Dead star got more votes...
  10. Curfew is 11 right? Expecting 15 minutes of riffage
  11. Something like KoC might be picked by the band and the rest could be in the live vote?
  12. https://musesetlist.settheset.com/t/musesetlist/selection Guess this is the list. Time for CoD and EM to make a return. Cave would also be interesting.
  13. Didn’t they say that they would release a new song every 3-4 months? And that was when Dig Down was released.
  14. Saw it in Copenhagen and Stockholm so at least three times
  15. Crazy good looking new visuals so I think it will stay. Edit: And the Reading visuals for New Born are back!
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