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  1. I'm going to go to the google offices, find the Captcha department, find the individual responsible for the "Draw around the street sign" idea, and punish them, punish them greatly.
  2. F****g impossible to get tickets. If anyone happens to have a spare and feels sorry for me i'd happily accompany you and pay full price!! Anyone who is going, enjoy!
  3. Absolutely gutted I couldn't get tickets. Was there refreshing from 8:50AM and by the time i'd completed the stupid google captcha of drawing round bloody road signs everything had gone :'( Then had to start work and missed the R+L link! Really hoping Friday isn't as much of a mess!!!
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    *musenewsrumors sorry, american spelling!
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    I'm not gonna post a link but go to @musenewsrumours on twitter.
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    Not gonna lie, that's a strange track. Might be a grower... maybe :/
  7. Are they playing these songs fast to fit more in? It sounds like Resistance is being played at warp speed! Or is it just that long since I actually listened to resistance that I've forgotten the actual pace of the song?
  8. Same here, I love the 80s sound to it! I hope this is the only song with this style on the album though - purely cos were due a nice pure rock album from the guys now But I've said it before, I think it works amazingly as the album opener, lure them in with this relaxed dancey beat then hit them with a massive wall of rock! ;D
  9. I was thinking around 5 ish, don't think there's any reason to queue earlier in such a small venue really
  10. Thanks for the number for ticket Master! Successfully got those tickets transferred :):)

  11. Got my tickets transferred and hotel booked! I'm all good to go! The hype is real!
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