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  1. I was thinking standing tickets. I hadn't realised how extortionate seate tickets were.
  2. IvanJ

    Ticket prices

    Ah, I've never seen Muse seated apart from RAH (where I probably assumed the extortionate price was for 'charity gig' and small venue). That is so expensive for a seated ticket at a gig.
  3. This was such a good gig, even if I ached from the mosh pit for a few days after! I loved the setlist, especially Bliss and I swear BITM had slightly heavier guitars live. I wish they'd do some full classics rather than the medley, but as at RAH I'd rather the medley than nothing. I hadn't seen Tom Morello announced so when he appeared in the crowd it was pure disbelief and such an amazing atmosphere. The venue was terrible, and getting out was awful too. The queue leaving was held at a standstill multiple times, it took half an hour to get to Stratford Intl, and there was no queue or crowd once the station route split from the tube route.
  4. IvanJ

    Ticket prices

    I saw standing tickets for £75 each at O2 and Brum? Yeah that's a lot of money for a ticket compared to other bands, but it's the same price Muse have been for a few years now and they certainly spend their money on the staging.
  5. Am I missing something? £75 per ticket is the same it was for the Drones arena tour. Same price Muse tickets have been for the last 5 years or so?
  6. As far as I saw the only merch was the one-off t-shirt. No Simulation Theory merch until the tour begins properly. Some of it is already available online on the Muse shop but they usually keep some for just the tour, or only put online what's unsold at the end.
  7. I am still processing last night, I think I'm a bit in shock at how amazing it was. On the day I managed to change my gallery standing ticket to a stalls ticket in block G row 1. I was a handful of seats away from the stage and so close to them! Arena standing near the front would have been amazing, but this was the next best thing. I loved the setlist. I had been hoping for Algorithm to open with and I've always loved Psycho live. When Showbiz started playing I just couldn't. And BITM is my favourite off the new album, I had said earlier that I'd love to hear that live but didn't expect it to be played. It was even better than I could have hoped for. I enjoyed the medley - having the full tracks would have been better but that's not going to happen, this is better than not having them played at all. Stockholm Syndrome and Dead Star were phenomenal, and The Handler is my favourite off that album. With the enhanced packages for front rows of standing, I personally feel that at a charity gig where the idea is to raise money for the charity then protesting inside was not the right thing to do but I don't agree with the reserved standing for enhanced packages on the regular tour. That's the time and place to protest it IMO.
  8. I am so excited now I actually feel a bit queasy. It's gonna be almost 5pm by the time I can get there from work, I guess I'll be pretty far back in the queue by then.
  9. They didn't reply to my tweet but someone else I know was told it was 5pm.
  10. I saw the 2nd Law tour in Etihad Stadium back in 2013, I can't believe how long ago that was! I'm so looking forward to this gig.
  11. I managed to get a gallery standing ticket! So it might not be the best ticket, but it's better than none - I'm so excited to get in to the RAH gig, I was heartbroken at missing out on SBE. I'm still trying for Arena standing or a good stalls in case, but feels so good to be able to go anyway. I'm doing London and Manchester ST tour as well, making the most of it.
  12. I've had choir seats for concerts there before, they're really close and give great views, but will be slightly behind the band/to the side. So if you don't mind getting a lot of side view and the occassional back it'll be great - I imagine they won't ignore the choir seats anyway. If they do gospel Dig Down the choir will be right in front of you. If you don't find a plus one, I'll happily buy the ticket off you to get to go (as I'm sure many others on here would)... I get all the alerts, multiple times a day, click buy immediately and still get told someone else is already purchasing them. There are plenty of tickets to buy, I just never get to buy them.
  13. They are really good seats. I'm still hoping maybe to find two tickets on Twickets - for me and a friend - otherwise I'd jump at your spare ticket. When we get nearer the time I may just give up on getting a pair and see if yours is still available. Are you looking for face value+booking costs? They probably have, there goes that dream, but it says 'don't uncross those fingers just yet' on the page suggesting there's still a chance. They've changed the expected draw date multiple times already.
  14. Does anyone know when OMaze announce the winner of their ticket competition? (Desperately clinging to any hope here to attend) - The web page says "winner announced on or around 21 November", and we're past that...
  15. I'm still trying on Twickets. I click as soon as I get the notification but they're already reserved for someone else every time. Twice I've gotten through to the payment page and then been told they're gone. Worst is that most of them seem to be put on Twickets when I'm in meetings at work and can't even try to get them!
  16. Where are you travelling from, RaX? Those are great seats - I've had Stalls O row 2 before, so the same sort of place opposite side of the stage.
  17. I guess they're just gonna spend that week visiting family and friends in the UK then?
  18. I'm wondering if they'll add a second date in London. Probably not but I've got the sites open in case.
  19. If we can't sell direct to each other, can at least give a heads up of when you're gonna stick the tickets on twickets. I avoid the phone apps for presale as they have always had problems. I'd much rather a Friday date than the Saturday (or as well as), so I'm hoping for more dates.
  20. Did you go for it? It's generally easy to resell Muse tickets so always worth going for it. And if you end up going on your own stick a post on the board and you might end up with people to hang with at the gig.
  21. London and Manchester in June! Almost makes up for no RAH tickets...
  22. I did two gigs on the Drones tour (both at the O2) and it was worth it. If they add more UK dates I'm looking to do three gigs this tour, despite the damage to my bank account. I can't get vacation time when they're on the European leg of the tour else I'd look at Budapest.
  23. Will there definitely be a second date? Friday or a weekday would be so much better for me - I'll actually be able to catch the train home afterwards. I'll still go for Saturday but it'll be a hassle afterwards.
  24. Thanks Jobby, I had to reset my password again before the members section appeared at the top. I've got it now. With two presales and a general sale I'm hoping I'm not disappointed. I've still got twickets permanently open on my phone and work PC ready for RAH tickets (which only seem to appear when I'm stuck in meetings).
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