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  1. That's a shame. They never pro-shot the one off gig they did at Shepherds Bush either, which really pissed me off. In fact they didn't even stream it.
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked 100 times... Was the stream not uploaded for people to watch after? I can't find anything proshot on YouTube. Some people like myself have to go to bed early and be up for work on a Monday
  3. So damn expensive. I'm still going though. The mother managed to get 4 standing tickets
  4. I know this has probably been asked a hundred times in here and elsewhere but I need it answering. My mom pre-ordered the album to get access to this early ticket thing that's going on. Will she be able to get 4 seated tickets for London? I know in most cases you are limited to 2 per transaction but the stadium is huge and we want to all be sat together. If not I'm guessing it would be better to buy them in general sale and just be sat further away?
  5. Get up and Fight reminds me of a shite pop song by a female artist (ie. Taylor Swift) Break it to me also sounds like something you hear on the radio every day. Except it's actually really good. They should have released this as a single. I think it would have appealed to a wider audience and done well in the chart, which is the exact reason why Matt included Timberland on this album. I'd be interested to know which song he actually assisted them with.
  6. I haven't finished listening to it yet but I just had to jump back on here and say that Propaganda is a pile of trash. I never thought I'd hear anything worse than Dig Down on this album. I was wrong.
  7. After the joke we had last time getting a ticket to an intimate show in London I think I'll pass. Especially if it's anything to do with shite Ticketmaster. Hopefully they broadcast it on YouTube like they did with WarChild. Also, what's with the "pre-order the album to get early access" crap all about? Are EA Games publishing the albums now?
  8. If we got Something Human and Dark Side on Saturday that would be ace.
  9. Damn it. I'll have to try find it on YouTube later
  10. Anyone know which song they played first? I only just tuned in and missed it
  11. Love this song. Best they've done so far. It's looking like a fairly mixed album with plenty of synth. Drones was a let down. This is looking like more of an entertaining surprise because I'm not being led on to believe it's something it's not going to be. Roll on November !
  12. If that's the case I think I'd rather they just stopped doing albums for 10 years and did more shows. Those intimate shows that people miss out on. Agreed.
  13. If this is true I feel much better. You can't go wrong with acoustic. It is what it is.
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