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  1. Having enjoyed most of the songs more than once in full from the medley I can say that the medley is nowhere near as good. All my favourite bits got cut out lmao
  2. Everyone around me seemed to enjoy it but I’m still angry about Assassin lmao
  3. That medley is fuckingg dreadful hahahaha. I totally fell for the Assassin switchout. Heard all those in full but being teased like that is just not enough lmao.
  4. Ticket secured. Great way to follow up Shepherd’s Bush before the inevitable disappointment of summer stadiums
  5. to my eternal shame I really unironically enjoyed hearing undisclosed desires tbh, its one of my absolute favourite songs and was a highlight of the five I went to in the end (since they only played it at one of them). On the other hand I was almost sick of hearing Map cos while it was one of my favourite songs I did get it four times in a row and it almost became a bit Muse-by-numbers (which is cool for non rotation songs, I can deal with it, but I was chasing rarities lol). After all that though I just sort of accepted they'll play what they want and you just have to not expect anything at all. Enjoyed the Glasgow shows a lot more for it too. Still really pissed off I missed Apocalypse though, no idea when that'll return.
  6. I had it even worse. I got tickets for the first two shows, and figured that would be fine, then they announced the other three. So I had a choice of either the first night, assassin night or the shit setlist night. Obvs decided the very first one would probably suck, but then I chose the shit one, on the basis that second nights usually got the better setlist. fuckin muse.
  7. if it wasn't for the guest appearance I would be tempted to leave now. Omg. Showbiz twice in a week. Unbelievable. So glad they've got confidence in the the old material again.
  8. Don't forget all the OoS visuals and stage set for two shows in 2011. I don't think they're afraid to waste money tbh.
  9. Literally all of his songs have sounded the same! The oasis ones are alright but even then they aren't my kind of band. And the people singing along look like they weren't even concieved when they broke up. I don't understand why this is popular tbh.
  10. I hope they play assassin tbh. It'll make up for this Liam Gallagher set. Holy Jesus he is boring.
  11. I'd definitely vote for some of the songs I already saw. Muscle Museum, Easily, Showbiz and Glorious were all utterly outstanding and I'd deeply enjoy them at any gig. I'd chuck in City of Delusion, Exo Politics, Space Dementia, Ruled By Secrecy. and a couple of others which seemed to be popular on message boards etc at the time.
  12. Sound was fine for me. Every gig I've ever been to has way more men than women (doesn't make it right but I'm resigned to it). The best way to go into this gig was expecting absolutely nothing and that makes it much better imo.
  13. well. that was the best show I've ever seen. It didn't have a song from the past 10 years in it. Hopefully they learn something from this. On the train now. Still struggling to breathe.
  14. oh geez man that song trolled me so hard in the arenas last year. Tried five times for APocalypse, got Sunburn, citizen twice and FG twice. fuckin hate it now lol
  15. Guy standing beside me: "I hope we get a bit of undisclosed desires" lol it's unlikely pal... banger live tho imo, I do actually quite like hearing that one, but this is not its day
  16. Heading in to London now! Didn't realise trains were significantly slower due to waterloo upgrade so won't even arrive in the city until 1830. ): maybe see some of you there anyway!
  17. On the other hand, if the vote brings the top ten with stuff like plug in baby or other staples, i would much rather they disregarded that and played the rare songs which didn't quite get the numbers but which are undoubtedly the intention of this gig anyway, in the spirit of the event. Really positive that they checked five such songs last night imo even if some of "my" songs aren't in there.
  18. They've not promised anything special, but suggested they might keep "one or two" of the rarer requests from Shepherd's Bush around.
  19. Still haven't voted yet. Thinking that it should be a mix between personal picks and what's doing well, so this is what it's at currently Muscle Museum Space Dementia Butterflies & Hurricanes Futurism Easily Assassin Exo-Politics City of Delusion Showbiz Can't really decide what to do with the last slot. I've had Dead star three times but it's one of my favourite songs ever so it feels tempting despite being a 'wasted vote'...
  20. If you can go and see them in reading (25 mins from London by train, easier than Shepherd's Bush, not sold out) there's no real reason to vote for any staples, or even common rotated songs, such as SS or New Born. They'll almost definitely be played the week after.
  21. I just find the song too slow and boring in a live setting. It's great on record, I just didnt get the haunting punch. I've had it three times! It's good but I'd rather swap it for another rare piano song at this point lol.
  22. Had Fury twice and didnt really think it was great live tbh. My top 10 are probably around: Muscle Museum Butterflies & Hurricanes Futurism Easily Ruled By Secrecy Showbiz Exo-Politics City of Delusion Assassin Micro Cuts
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