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  1. Bravo Muse. Bloody love this new record. As others have pointed out, it's a much more complete effort than the past couple of records. Love the progression, the theme, the tunes, and just the general 'Don't Give a Fuck' attitude to try something different. They've earnt the right to be able to do it. 'Get Up & Fight' is fucking great but totally understand why some (many) wouldn't like it. That outro vocal is just insane. Big props from me. Might even try and snag a ticket for London Stadium now having sworn not to do another big tour show after Drones at The O2* *Nothing against that tour BTW.
  2. Awesome night on Saturday. From the very moment they kicked off with 'Assassin' I just knew it was going to be a memorable one and boy did they deliver. 'Dead Star' and 'Muscle Museum' next up cemented my top three picks so I wasn't overly upset by the omissions of 'Atheist' or 'Small Print'. Agree with some points about the vocal mix being quiet but, to be honest, the crowd singing would have drowned Matt out even if it had been better. Crowd was phenomenal down at the front. I genuinely thought the barrier was going to break at one point. I don't think I'll be seeing Muse for a while now but Saturday's show will certainly tie me over for a fair few years. Until next time, Muse, whenever that will be, I salute you. Hope they put on a good Reading show to watch on Sunday evening.
  3. Ah I dunno. I think people, myself included, will be deterred by the 2-hour wait and probably get in for 20:00-20:30. I'm sure the setlist will ensure that pits & space open up in order to get closer to the action.
  4. Only one more day to get through. How has this come around so fast? Not that I'm complaining. Going to watch the Arsenal game in a nearby pub and then head over to the venue. Might stick around afterwards to see if I can grab a photo or two with the band. Have a great night all.
  5. This is how my mind is operating at the moment (apologies for the extensive list/post). Going to give it a few more days... ------------------ MY SETLIST ------------------ 1. Showbiz 2. Muscle Museum 3. Hyper Music (HEARD) 4. Citizen Erased (HEARD) 5. Sing for Absolution 6. Assassin 7. Easily 8. Exo-Politics 9. Survival (HEARD) 10. Revolt ------------------ ------------------ SONGS NOT HEARD / WANT ------------------ 1. Fury 2. The Groove 3. Eternally Missed 4. Neutron Star Collision 5. Map of your Head 6. Nature_1 7. Yes Please 8. Futurism 9. Dead Star 10. Do We Need This 11. Futurism 12. Some New Kind of Kick ------------------- GREAT SONGS / HEARD A FEW TIMES / WANT AGAIN ------------------- 1. Reapers 2. Panic Station 3. Sunburn 4. Micro Cuts 5. Supremacy 6. Bliss 7. Butterflies & Hurricanes 8. Invincible 9. Take a Bow
  6. The email states: "The show is “By Request” – ticket holders can choose their top ten tracks and all votes submitted will be collated and used to curate the set on the night." So, I guess, it is open season and that whatever comes out top is what we'll get. 'Ticket holders' being the most salient point too.
  7. List currently looking something like this: 1. Muscle Museum 2. Space Dementia 3. Hyper Music 4. The Small Print 5. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist 6. Assassin 7. City of Delusion 8. Exo-Politics 9. Survival 10. Revolt ---- 11. Falling Away With You 12. MK Ultra A mixture of songs I have and haven't heard live but I expect there to be various amendments between now and August. How bloody snobby is it that I'd genuinely just be happy to hear a set minus Starlight and Supermassive Black Hole?
  8. Probably should point out now that QPR host Hull City on the date of the gig so be prepared for that lot clogging up the drinking holes around Shepherds Bush...
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