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Quite unexpected if it's true.

Does it mean that the Japanese dressing-up was intended for the Supremacy mv, not Panic Station? :D

I certainly did not see Supremacy as a single tbh


That would be a strange choice of clothing for a Supremacy video.


I did, but I didn't expect it to actually happen. Now that I think about it, Panic Station might have been a better choice for a single than Supremacy.


Next thing you know Big Freeze will be a single.

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well it's awesome and all but do muse usually do 4 singles? I mean this is almost single number 5 in some ways. Or is panic station not the next single at all?


I think Panic Station has to be a single, they'd have to be ridiculously stupid to not do it. It's already a mistake to not have used it early on, when the album was still fresh in people's minds.


I'm not totally surprised to see Supremacy as a single but I'm surprised to see it before Panic Station, assuming this is all official?

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I just don't see Supremacy as single material at all to be honest. The long almost dragged out vocal parts with almost no musical accompaniment doesnt scream radio friendly. It's probably my favourite song off the album, but it just doesnt have the catchyness for me to make it a good single, Madness and Panic Station should have been the first singles followed by Follow Me.

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Commercially, yes.


Perhaps the US should just go straight to Panic Station.


I can see PS actually hitting well on US radio, tbh.

Not in every market, but definately doing alright.


I'll admit I was completely wrong about Madness, but Supremacy feels almost like it was made with the intent of not being radio friendly. :LOL: It just lacks the f-bomb PS has.

Maybe in areas that are familiar and comfortable with Muse... but not in a lot of areas of the US.


I still felt like Follow Me was catchy enough to actually do well in the US.


I have to agree... the promotion for this album has been shameful.

Is Muse on it's way out with Warner? They just don't seem to give two shits about promotion, and I feel like Madness just accidentally took off in the US.

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