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  1. I am still amazed they are releasing the NA demo. Management at the time were not overly impressed that we leaked it... perhaps we're only getting it on the release now as a result of that effort back then since it's already out there - we had it somewhat rejuvenated in a studio but it ultimately came from an old cassette tape so was never gonna sound great.
  2. Can you stop these silly posts in "other Muse topics" or delete them? Thx.

  3. Hello....


    How are you...? I am using my brothers id to contact you because I'm having a problem Replying to Messages, Creating New Threads, Chat Room, emailing you and hope you can resolve the issue.


    I can Login to the Messageboard Forum with no problems at all but when I try to post a reply I get an error message that my account hasn't been activated. I'm sure I clicked on the activation link when I got the email........ Could you please check my account to see if it is indeed Enabled....?


    My ID: btomasko


    You can email me directly at this address: btomasko@yahoo.com


    I Greatly appreciate your help in this matter.... Thankxxxxxxxx

  4. Well hello there

  5. Hey! How are you doing?

    I'm sorry to bother you but could you take a look at my post here please? http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?p=10010444#post10010444


    I saw you could provide this can of help so... :)

    Thanks a lot!


    Best wishes,



  6. could you please change my name?

  7. Could you please delete your account? I don't think you deserve one.

  8. Can you please delete my account? I do not want to keep an account inactive and floating.



  9. can you delete my account please

  10. Thank you very much <3 and sorry for pestering you bb

  11. Could you please delete my account?

  12. Hello Mister Niall. Could you change my name to "Kris." please?

  13. sorry for the message on madness official single, I didn't know I do something wrong :(

    sorry again

  14. I'm bored. Come on skype :p

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