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    Completely in love with music, play piano and clarinet, sing and dance, draw when I feel like it and read a hell of alot, known for doing freakishly good impressions of people - it's my only real talent
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  1. thought I wasn't very keen on this song but realise now I just really dislike the propaganda sound at the beginning. The rest of it is really great but when I hear that my instant reaction is to skip (also its totally pwopaganda) the solo reminded me of the breaking bad theme tune
  2. my first thought was Arcade Fire post reflector and I'm a sucker for the Egyptian melodies - USOE was the first muse song I ever heard and pulled me straight in
  3. agreed!! Listened to it on repeat last night until I fell asleep. 2nd best song (x3) on the album after algorithm Imo
  4. and you'll always be my queen <3 Enjoying the album a lot - too early I think to rate the songs but Algorithm is totally gorgeous and I discovered today that break it to me is perfect to walk home in the dark in the rain to. I love all three versions of the Dark Side and after ridiculing Something human for the last few months and putting it on par with save me (yeh remember that one) I've found myself not skipping it on an album listen through as it really fits as a welcome wind down after the first 5 songs. I am also a total sucker for piano so it makes me very happy for a few more appearances throughout the album (although I don't have high hopes for the piano being used much live).
  5. well that was wonderful I am very satisfied Suuuuper stranger things though
  6. ditto I'm actually surprised at how positive the reaction is so far. Also it's damn hard to speak and play an instrument at the same time.
  7. did anyone else get a badge? We got them at Glasgow
  8. I like it but I'm disappointed that it doesn't really go anywhere. Good baseline though although veryyy typical muse. Also worry that the Woahs will get lost live since it will just be Chris and Morgan unless they bring in a big ass choir
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