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    Germany [Singen]
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    Guitar & Singing
    Listen to Prog Rock and Prog Metal, Punk Rock, Jazz, Ska, Classic Rock, Classical Music, little bit Country, Singer-Songwriter and all that stuff... still my fav band is MUSE.
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    Muse :D
    Dream Theater
    Billy Talent
    Emerson Lake & Palmer
    Farin Urlaub (Racing Team)
    Element of Crime
    Flo Mega
    Big Daddy Wilson
    Green Day
    Johnny Cash
    Peter Gabriel (only solo)

    well, there's al little bit more, but that should be enough... don't be confused, some are german band.
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    I Love Dan Brown, Micheal Chrichton, Bernhard Cornwell, Markus Heitz, J.K. Rowling, Frank Schätzing and Walter Moers (last two german)
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    All expect for BH&R and some singels (those without B-Sides), because a friend gave me BH&R, so no need to buy it.
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    Will be in Munich, nov 12th
  1. At the moment it's OOS T2L BH&R Absolution TR Showbiz usually I rate Showbiz higher than TR, but I really like TR more than usually at the moment. And the other 4 are all nearly tied
  2. Of course, every song is personal. But they're not as personal as some other bands/songs.
  3. I'm actually glad that they're not too emotional and personal
  4. When will Muse be playing? I don't want to watch the whole show
  5. there would still be UD but Uprising, USOE, Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, IBTY and Exogenesis are all really good, and Resistance is also quite interesting. I just have my problems with UD, and GL simply isn't a good song by Muse standards
  6. Dead Star Survival Butterflies & Hurricanes Hyper Chondriac Music Futurism Isolated System Stockholm Syndrome Sunburn Madness Take A Bow No order and I miss quite a few songs on this list, rules And the worst song is Undisclosed Desires for sure
  7. Yeah, me too. He seemed so bored during the singalong. And streamed gigs feel so good to watch. Wouldn't have been so emotional about Dead Star if I heard it a day later
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