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  1. I would presume the presence of Resistance and GL over Blackout is not helped by the fact that The Resistance Tour dvd got scrapped? Although with Blackout being on both Absolution and HAARP it makes sense not to show that again i suppose
  2. I want that as a poster, Great picture! and the trailer looks good too, love the shot of matt running up the runway
  3. I'd say its totally different. When i tremelo pick i like to anchor my arm on the body of the guitar, then my wrist anchors on the bridge and that works best for me when picking single strings. But when your tremelo picking chords i like to anchor my arm the same, but you have to keep your wrist and fingers floating above the strings. It's one thing i've never worked on much actually. It reminds me of when you first start playing guitar, and you try and pick strings with your hand just floating (before you realise that you can pick much more accurately with your hand/pinky anchored down)
  4. Just had a go at doing my first cover. I don't think it's too bad for my first proper attempt at anything like this. Just had another go today, trying to make the audio as clear as possible. I think it's a little better, although my audio file seems to be much clearer until i try and add it to the video, which is when it goes a bit muddier
  5. That's odd then..When i type in 'Muse' on the search box it shows tonights gig and then Horse Guards Parade. But your link shows that it's still there Oh well. Looking at the Amsterdam set, good to see there incorporating some different riffs after NB atleast.
  6. The best thing about Knights being early in the set is actually having the energy to go crazy to it. I always hated it being right at the end because im always bloody knackered long before it started.
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