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  1. thank you!! did you change your name? what was it originally?

  2. Yeh I don't think so either, but I still voted you for lots of nice ones

  3. Thank you :happy:


    James for sexiest male 2013

  4. and who might you be? :happy:

  5. It's freezzing! Frosty today but at least it's sunny :happy: seeing the muse movie tomorrow :awesome: hows things?

  6. Hey! I'll DM you tomorrow after lectures :happy: hope everything is ok!

  7. Who you caling sugar, cupcake

  8. I figured that out long ago honey

  9. Happy birthday old man, you don't have to be nice to people today! :)

  10. Oh no that's awful!! My flatmate who helped me that night was tipsy enough to carry an hug me although I was covered in sick, I am insanely grateful for him.


    That's good! Once my horrible cold/flu has gone I'll be able to manage my time better by being able to work in te library without annoying people by sneezing and such :')

  11. It was bad for me :( its amazing I'm loving it :D how about you?

  12. stop it you! Such a flatterer :happy: thank you for joining our little crew, boosting the girl power and actually having someone who doesn't constantly tease me is a breath of fresh air :chuckle:

  13. I was in London that night And was in the cinema when I could have been seeing him had I known :(

  14. oh jeez that is stunning. And he is wearing a shirt!?

  15. Les miserables, look it up

  16. check yo love boat

  17. happy birthday you grumpy piece of poo <3

  18. just noticed you're from edinburgh :happy:

  19. happy birthday :happy:

  20. SOrry for being picky!

  21. I'm on my iPod I havent seen your avatar :pope:

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