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  1. The aaaAAAAAHaaa reminded me of Charlie and Dennis's song 'Dayman' from Iasip lmao Listened to it a couple of times and am digging the groove.
  2. So much better than Dig Down. The chants are definitely very 30STM but as long as they don't do it on ALL of the rest of the songs, it will be fine with me. I see myself listening to this more than I listened to Dig Down.
  3. No livestream apparently - http://i.imgur.com/Hur43Qh.jpg
  4. Keth


    I don't care what vocals they sound like the song is super fun. When the solo kicks in just hnng
  5. I get so depressed listening to TG. It's a fantastic song. I don't mind the ending as well. It's a chill ending. But the heavy part. It should have been longer. No excuses. It should have been longer and everytime I listen to it and it ends I just fall into a depressed state and don't want to listen to anything anymore
  6. I haven't seen them live yet but if I ever do get to see them live for the first time, I'd be happy with anything they play. Because it'd be my first time. Different story if you've already seen them, obviously.
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